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What Are Argon Gas-Filled Windows - And How Do They Help With Energy Efficiency?

At FAS Windows & Doors, we’ve done a lot of research when it comes to energy efficiency in our product offerings for Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas. We’ve learned a lot about the components that make for good windows and doors. Today we’ll focus on insulation components for your replacement windows – specifically argon gas. Not sure what argon gas-filled windows are and how they can help insulate your home? Continue reading to find out! Properties of Argon ...

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Do Energy Efficient Windows Help With HVAC Costs?

If your windows are old, outdated, and drafty, you’re wasting more than just heat and air conditioning - you’re wasting money. Thankfully, there are several options for homeowners that are looking to enhance their energy efficiency while also boosting the curb appeal of their home. One of the fastest ways is by replacing old windows with new energy-efficient replacement windows. Energy efficient windows come in many different shapes and sizes - as well as with different energy ef...

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Standard Windows vs Impact Windows for Florida Homes

When the time comes for you to window shop literally , price is always going to be a factor – which is what leads some homeowners to choose standard windows instead of impact resistant windows for their homes. While this could save money in the short term, come hurricane season it could be a costly mistake. That’s because impact windows, while still beautiful and similar to standard windows, are made to withstand high winds and the impact of flying objects – unlike standard w...

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French Doors: Luxury Living That’s Affordable and Secure

As the name implies, French doors originated in France during the 16 th century. Their purpose was to light interiors more efficiently by modifying solid doors with panes of glass called lights. In addition to allowing more light to filter in, these doors also helped maintain an even temperature throughout the year. Today, French doors have kept the same original purposes, but have obviously been upgraded over time. Modern, impact-resistant French door systems provide protection from extreme wea...

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In Style: Black Home Accents

Black is the new black. Tailored and bold. Sleek and powerful. Traditional and elegant. Essential and classic. Whether it is being played up as a focal point or dialed down as an accent color, black is back and it’s quickly becoming a staple in home design. The great part about using black in your design is that the not-so-neutral color can take a room in so many different directions depending on how it’s used. Using black as an accent color is a great way to highlight other colors a...

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