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French Doors: Luxury Living That’s Affordable and Secure

As the name implies, French doors originated in France during the 16 th century. Their purpose was to light interiors more efficiently by modifying solid doors with panes of glass called lights. In addition to allowing more light to filter in, these doors also helped maintain an even temperature throughout the year. Today, French doors have kept the same original purposes, but have obviously been upgraded over time. Modern, impact-resistant French door systems provide protection from extreme wea...

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In Style: Black Home Accents

Black is the new black. Tailored and bold. Sleek and powerful. Traditional and elegant. Essential and classic. Whether it is being played up as a focal point or dialed down as an accent color, black is back and it’s quickly becoming a staple in home design. The great part about using black in your design is that the not-so-neutral color can take a room in so many different directions depending on how it’s used. Using black as an accent color is a great way to highlight other colors a...

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Prepare Your Tampa Home with Hurricane Impact Windows

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is forecasted to be less active than the couple couples year, according to an update from the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University - but that doesn’t mean that we’re necessarily in the clear. There are still predicted to be 10 named storms this season, including four hurricanes – one of those is expected to be categorized as a major hurricane Category 3 or stronger . While this doesn’t mean that any of those storms w...

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Professional vs DIY Replacement Window Installation

There are some homeowners that choose to tackle their home renovation projects themselves, which can be a great way to save money. However, there are some projects that are best left to the professionals – one of those being window replacement . Window installation can be deceptively complex and if not installed correctly; even the highest rated windows can be rendered useless. In addition, damaging the area around the window during the process could lead to even more costs for repair. Her...

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Protect Your Home Against the Unexpected with Impact Resistant Windows

Originally developed to help protect homes from the severe weather we experience in Florida, impact resistant windows and doors have also gained popularity for another reason… Adding a layer of security for your home against intruders. That was the exact outcome for Dania Beach, FL homeowners who were thankful for that added protection a few years ago. The surveillance video from their home caught two would-be thieves attempting to break into their home on Christmas night after ringing the...

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