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    David Collantes
    David C.
    17:04 17 Jun 22
    Excellent service, high quality windows and doors.
    Ryan and Zaghie Peterson
    Ryan and Zaghie P.
    16:35 04 Jun 22
    Ryan with FAS was great! He made sure we were all taken care post installation. Our windows are perfect, just in time for summer!
    Carolyn Scheidt
    Carolyn S.
    12:55 25 May 22
    Very happy and satisfied with FAS customer service and the installation of two sliders and a casement window. The installers were excellent. They came to my home on time, were courteous and kept me informed of how the job was going to be completed over two days. Would definitely recommend FAS.
    frances piccirilli
    frances P.
    15:12 29 Apr 22
    I had my entire home windows replaced with windows installed by FAS windows and doors. My project manager was Mellisa Hubbard. She was very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. My installer was Navin He and his crew were wonderful. They worked as a team and did a fantastic job. They were very neat and clean. They made sure that all debris was taken at the end of their job.
    Barb Backhaus
    Barb B.
    16:12 22 Apr 22
    I had a window pane replaced. Technicians were quick but thorough and took time to make sure everything was clean and furniture put back. Thanks for a great job!!
    David Saunders
    David S.
    19:38 29 Mar 22
    Ryan and Josh came out to repair a tiny factory defect in one of our picture windows. They were very professional and provided excellent service. We are very happy with our window FAS installed Oct 2019 and also the follow up service.
    Eric Hennes
    Eric H.
    11:09 25 Mar 22
    Ryan is TOP NOTCH!!! I was running behind due to work and he stayed until I reached home just so that service would be complete. He took the initiative to do what he could while I was en route and finished when I arrived. He knew there had been delays in the process already and he didn’t want me waiting longer for service. Ryan went WELL above and beyond his job requirement to ensure great service. EVERY company needs someone like Ryan! He is incomparable!! THANK YOU, RYAN!!!
    16:50 24 Mar 22
    FAS was on time, early in fact with a phone call 15 minutes before arrival. Ryan was the tech that changed out a door handle on our patio slider door handle. He is a fine young man very helpful .
    Adam Alvarez
    Adam A.
    15:03 15 Mar 22
    Ryan was an amazing associate. Very helpful and quickly did what needed to be done. Seriously in and out within 5 mins. Which is not a negative because he provided excellent and quality customer service. Would honestly recommend FAS and Ryan to anyone. Thanks again Ryan you are the best!!!!!!!!
    01:25 25 Feb 22
    Doors are outstanding and beautiful, just like we ordered. 6 month average but arrived sooner. Installers were thorough and fast with no mess, fantastic! Definately use FAS if you're reading this, you won't be sorry.
    14:39 15 Feb 22
    Wargo Works
    Wargo W.
    18:07 13 Feb 22
    Very friendly staff. Family owned business with customer satisfaction in mind.
    Joshua Fraigun
    Joshua F.
    23:21 11 Feb 22
    Chris & Ryan provided great service, and a great install. Everything was top notch.
    Tiffany Lee
    Tiffany L.
    19:53 11 Feb 22
    Ryan came to my house today to make some adjustments and do a minor repair. He was so helpful and so kind. It’s not often that you meet someone and know they love their job. He is definitely an asset. FAS has always been a great company with great people. I’m a happy customer!
    Mike Finnell
    Mike F.
    19:16 10 Feb 22
    First had some issues with install. We contacted them and they sent some nice, hard working gentlemen , Parrish, and Griffith. They did a superb job on the re-install and they fixed all the issues in a timely manner also very courteous. Thank you.
    Rick Ackerman
    Rick A.
    23:26 08 Feb 22
    Outstanding service and product!! Everyone involved provided great service: Stuart, Amanda, Jonathan & team, and Ryan!!! Thank you!!!
    Michael Callaghan
    Michael C.
    16:06 08 Feb 22
    Excellent sales and service experience. Installation went smoothly. Had one window of the 18 lose its weatherstripping. Ryan came out and replaced it quickly and then checked the other windows for similar issues.
    Jose Lema III
    Jose Lema I.
    15:42 08 Feb 22
    Thursday night one of my windows would not luck, which meant that could not set the alarm system. Called Friday morning and talked with Christine, who stated she would do everything to try to get a technician to come out today. Christine called early afternoon and state that Ryan would be coming to the house in about an hour. Ryan and Chris arrived at the house and checked the window. They took care of the problem, they made sure the window was working properly. They were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Ryan, Chris, and Christine are an asset to FAS.
    Victoria R.
    Victoria R.
    19:02 07 Feb 22
    Good service as well as advice for how to take care of my window hardware to make windows open and close more smoothly and have hardware/parts last longer.
    Kelly McParland
    Kelly M.
    14:53 07 Feb 22
    Dwight Neyhart
    Dwight N.
    15:29 02 Feb 22
    Janis Painter
    Janis P.
    21:07 01 Feb 22
    Quality products. The company kept me notified of the process along the way, every from beginning starting with the salesman to installation which was very professionally done. I have an older home (60+ years old) and the windows and door fit like a glove. I would definitely recommend FAS Windows & Doors.
    Denise Ferreira
    Denise F.
    16:26 28 Jan 22
    Ryan did an excellent job. Very professional, courteous service. Great company!
    Jennifer Gandy
    Jennifer G.
    17:23 26 Jan 22
    Roger Corriveau
    Roger C.
    19:05 21 Jan 22
    Courteous, professional staff with a high degree of knowledge and experience. Top notch! I would and have recommended FAS without reservation. Roger Corriveau, Winter Park Gardens, WP.
    jose torres
    jose T.
    16:52 21 Jan 22
    Crystal Cook
    Crystal C.
    12:46 20 Jan 22
    Best experience from start to finish. I truly feel like FAS cares and put our needs first. Quick to respond and put our minds at ease with any concern we had. Thank you!
    Crystal Anderson
    Crystal A.
    12:42 20 Jan 22
    Steven Benoit
    Steven B.
    02:10 20 Jan 22
    Amy Caraway
    Amy C.
    14:52 19 Jan 22
    Ryan and Chris of FAS: you guys are artists in what you do. Attention to detail and so professional, you provided me the best service! Thanks for my beautiful windows!
    Todd Stallings
    Todd S.
    11:50 19 Jan 22
    Al Viglione
    Al V.
    11:28 15 Jan 22
    Coy Byrd
    Coy B.
    20:46 13 Jan 22
    Mr. Ryan came out and was amazing. Not only did he show up on time, which seems to be an issue with most companies, he was able to fix my hardware problems. While on site he was able to diagnose a problem with my screen door rollers and was able to use my warranty to get them ordered to be replaced. Thank you FAS and Ryan.
    James Peterson
    James P.
    23:04 12 Jan 22
    I can honestly say that the responsiveness and professionalism that Ryan demonstrated with me today was exceptional! I have had many negative service related experiences in the past. Ryan has restored my confidence in FAS! Great Job!!!
    Ken Pratt
    Ken P.
    15:31 19 Dec 21
    We’ve had a great experience with FAS Windows. The sales person was incredibly knowledgeable and helped us pick out what was right for our house. The installers did a great job and even cleaned up after themselves (added bonus). But I was surprised to learn that there was a post installation final service. They set up the time and Ryan came to do our final service. Ryan was great. He was about half way through the final service and discovered that we need a different covering. He explained it all to me. And scheduled another time to come, finish, and even do a final window cleaning. I was amazed. We are so glad we selected FAS to do our windows and will likely do other window replacements with them.
    Jeff Manning
    Jeff M.
    20:19 16 Dec 21
    We had some sliders installed by FAS. The whole process was great and would recommend. Recently our dog ran through and busted out the screen. They sent a repair tech out (Ryan) who did a great job. Just like with the install he was on time, fast, clean and courteous.
    Jorg Heyer
    Jorg H.
    14:41 11 Dec 21
    Had 2 patio sliding doors installed and Ryan came out after the final inspection by the County. He ensured everything was working well and installed the final trim. Happy to recommend FAS for window replacement.
    Montague’s “Drag0nstar” Bistro
    Montague’s “Drag0nstar” B.
    14:40 08 Dec 21
    Beautiful strong functional windows that met our expectations and Ryan and Chris were highly proficient, knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. They worked very efficiently as a team and we were highly impressed. Would definitely recommend this company to friends and neighbors (and have already done so)
    jason hernandez
    jason H.
    17:48 03 Dec 21
    We are extremely happy with our new windows and sliders from FAS Windows and Doors. From the quality of materials to the hard work and professionalism of its staff. Both Ryan and Chris did an exceptional job. We couldn't be happier and we highly recommend FAS.
    James Little
    James L.
    22:28 01 Dec 21
    Update: Had an issue with my window not opening after I took it out to clean and put it back in. Called FAS, and within a few hours Ryan came out and took care of the problem in short order. The service after the sale (installed 2 years ago) was great!!Thanks Ryan, Thanks FAS.. glad I went with you guys.Service is great! Windows installed earlier than expected..had small issues as with any large project... Not a problem with getting it taken care of. Always answer e-mail and calls returned, good service is hard to find these days. Believe me I've had more than my share of bad experiences and bad service with getting jobs done... GLAD we chose FAS. They were not the least expensive, but we got that back in service... Wow no headaches or stress.worth the little extra to us...Thanks FAS.
    Jeanne Pitchford
    Jeanne P.
    19:36 01 Dec 21
    Kathleen Mccarthy
    Kathleen M.
    21:21 04 Nov 21
    Carolyn Ward
    Carolyn W.
    13:36 02 Nov 21
    Ryan and Chris just left my house after doing a window replacement. What a great company to work with! Ryan had been here before to replace some of the same windows years ago. How nice that he remembered being here! Great team, very professional and pleasant. LOVE FAS!
    Clint Buczkowski
    Clint B.
    16:57 29 Oct 21
    Daniel is a customer service rock star. FAS is truly a great company who provides outstanding service. We had window leaks which compromised the window, and Daniel was sent out to identify the issue. He realized it was a defective frame and ordered a new window and fame. This was all done through their warranty, with no haggling!
    John Myers
    John M.
    19:13 27 Oct 21
    I'm surprised I haven't left a review of FAS sooner. My wife and I had had our windows and French Doors replaced by FAS about two years ago after seeing them at the Florida Home & Garden show. Living in FL we wanted something hurricane proof so we didn't have to hang panels multiple times a season.Great quality product and professional service. Both pre and post installation. After about a year we noticed some settling of the house/door frame on the french doors preventing the doors from latching (but could deadbolt). This wasn't an installation problem but is because the house is a 70+ year old post-war build. FAS came out and made adjustments and the door is like new.Since then we've replaced the back door as well and now all entrances are protected, insulated, and QUIET. My wife and I live close to the Orlando Executive Airport. While the air traffic noise isn't as bad as being near MCO, we can tell the difference and our home is noticably cooler.While I'm not saying any other window vendor out there is necessarily better or worse, I can say that I am extremely happy with both the products and service provided by FAS.Thank you!
    Peter Crenshaw
    Peter C.
    13:29 10 Sep 21
    Ryan and Chris communicated exceptionally well so that we knew when to expect them and determined the cause of our issue extremely fast. They were professional and went out of their way to ensure a great experience. They came to work on a door that has started to squeak when operating but also walked me through how to maintain our windows that FAS previously installed. Fantastic company, exceptional customer service and phenomenal technicians.
    Pat Chamberlain
    Pat C.
    03:16 10 Sep 21
    We had an issue with our master bathroom arch window. FAS was very prompt to respond. Ryan, our technician fixed the problem very quickly. He was kind and respectful of our needs and very knowledgeable.
    Bill Chamberlain
    Bill C.
    00:44 10 Sep 21
    We have known Ryan for many years, from installation to returns for “bleeding”seals. He is always prompt, knowledgeable and very courteous. Quite a perfectionist. He understands the value of good customer relations.
    Thomas Moran
    Thomas M.
    13:39 02 Sep 21
    Ryan and Chris did a great job today. Thanks
    J Richardson
    J R.
    12:27 01 Sep 21
    Great service techs, very knowledgeable and professional
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    Becky Smith
    Becky S.
    19:01 15 May 22
    This rating is specifically for the installation:Greko and his crew were excellent with installing our hurricane/impact French doors. Greko's attention to detail was great and he defines the meaning of taken pride in your work.
    Joseph Cox
    Joseph C.
    21:42 05 Apr 22
    Alex N
    Alex N
    18:26 14 Feb 22
    Ordered seven windows. Installation was fast and efficient. James, Jason, Lara and the rest of the staff are friendly, helpful and professional.Had a stress crack develop on one of our windows over time, and FAS's warranty replaced the sash for us. The company is good about communicating, which is even more important these days during the ongoing supply chain issues, especially with delays more common with manufacturers. When the time comes, we'll order more windows from FAS.
    Laurie Sullivan
    Laurie S.
    23:33 27 Jan 22
    Peter Stoebling
    Peter S.
    22:00 27 Jan 22
    Richard Catalano
    Richard C.
    23:46 26 Jan 22
    I contacted FAS Windows and Doors to service two windows they had installed six years ago. They set up an appointment right away. Their tech, James, called me when he was on the way. He diagnosed the problem immediately and fixed both windows quickly. It was all covered under my warranty. What more could anyone ask?
    Sian Mink
    Sian M.
    01:12 21 Jan 22
    James was very communicative and professional at all stages of the appointment, and clearly knows his stuff.
    Lynne Smith
    Lynne S.
    18:44 30 Sep 21
    I would highly recommend this company for window replacements. They are professional, friendly, on time, great customer service and the windows I received are excellent quality.
    R W
    R W
    20:47 27 Jul 21
    We had our windows replaced by FAS and they did an excellent job. One large window cracked twice (manufacturing defect) FAS stood behind the work going way beyond what was expected. In our opinion FAS should be your “go to” for doors and windows…sounds like a commercial…professionals!! Thank you!
    Barbara Weiss
    Barbara W.
    19:43 14 May 21
    A May 2021 update of the first, initial review - The windows have held up well. Needed a minor repair, which James C., carried out today. He also inspected and 'tuned up' the other windows and gave some good tips and advice. Very appreciative of his expertise and FAS' product and service. Thank you.The new windows are not only better quality and appearance, more energy efficient, wind resistant, noise reducing, easier to use and clean, but also, the installers, Grecko and his colleagues, were very professional, courteous, and friendly. Couldn't ask for more. Glad we 'followed the ratings' and went with FAS Windows & Doors.
    Paul Diaz
    Paul D.
    16:45 11 May 21
    I had a 5 star experience with FAS when they installed several doors a couple years ago. I called today (5/11) because one of the doors was jammed. Even though they had their service schedule full through end of June, one of their technicians, James, was 20 mins away and made an unscheduled stop to fix my door. James was quick and professional. Fixed the issue and made sure I was happy with the repair before he left. Not only does FAS have excellent products and installation but they’re support afterwards is top notch. Highly recommend this company.
    M Clukey
    M C.
    19:40 15 Apr 21
    James called prior to his arrival, arrived on time and performed the task in a professional, focused, neat and courteous manner. It was a pleasure having him as our service technician.
    Judy Ann
    Judy A.
    23:23 14 Apr 21
    We needed a repair on a door we put in a few years ago. James was absolutely amazing. He was professional, knowledgeable and his work was top quality. Highly recommend him.
    Chester Williams
    Chester W.
    15:19 12 Apr 21
    My experience with FAS was great customer service. The young man James that came out a year later to do some repairs ,was extremely helpful in explaining what and how he was going to do everything was exceptional.
    Steve Zendegui
    Steve Z.
    19:36 08 Apr 21
    Service was performed well. Technician was on time and very courteous. He took time to explain why he was doing certain things and gave me some contact info for parts to repair the sliding screen doors.
    silvina lamoureux
    silvina L.
    06:38 12 Mar 21
    18:58 11 Mar 21
    We went with FAS because we were able to speak with people that were previous customers. We heard nothing but excellent reviews. Our install (All our home’s windows) is all complete now and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone we’ve dealt with at FAS has been great, quality and customer service is their priority. If you need new windows, you will not be disappointed with this company. Even the county inspector told us the job and product was top notch. Now we’re ready for hurricane season!
    Michael Niezgoda
    Michael N.
    18:38 11 Mar 21
    James was on time and courteous, and made the door repairs in a timely manner. He also made adjustments to the door which vastly improved ease of locking and use.
    Meghan Petrofsky
    Meghan P.
    22:30 01 Mar 21
    Excellent service every step of the way: the professionalism and workmanship of everyone on our project was outstanding. Anthony, Justin, and James are all true professionals and their work is excellent. Rod and also Lara in the office were both so helpful in the ordering and production process. Planning to use FAS for future door and window replacements on my home.
    Cary Ortiz
    Cary O.
    17:59 17 Feb 21
    James came before the inspection and also post inspection of the windows and slider. He did an amazing job!! He also went out of his way to tighten our front door. That was not part of the scope of his work but he did it!! Kudos to James and Lauren at the office as well!!
    Mary Kay Baker
    Mary Kay B.
    00:37 12 Feb 21
    I purchased my sliding glass doors and 2 windows about 5 years ago. What a difference it has made in my condo. Unfortunately I broke one of the wheels off my sliding screen door and accidentally bent one of my window screens. When I called for service I didn’t know what to expect. Well I couldn’t have been happier. The technician replaced the broken wheel assembly and took the time to show me how to properly make adjustments if I need to in the future. He also ordered a replacement for my broken screen.I appreciate his professionalism and he was just pleasant to work with.Thank you for such great service.!
    Barb Dean
    Barb D.
    19:39 28 Jan 21
    James was wonderful! He not only reinstalled our 2 windows but also took the time to make sure the one window moved more smoothly than before. He didn’t have to do that and I appreciate him taking the extra time to ensure our window worked properly. Very professional.
    Michale hall
    Michale H.
    00:14 03 Jan 21
    Looking for sound proof and storm windows! Hope they can deliver!
    Clyde Keller
    Clyde K.
    21:11 02 Dec 20
    James was truly a welcome change he arrived on time and took care of business quickly and efficiently
    Angie Stieren
    Angie S.
    22:06 18 Nov 20
    The service technician, James, called to let me know ow he was on his way. He was on time and was persistent in diagnosing the problem with my sliding door and one of my windows and then fixing the problems. James was personable and efficient.
    Christine Fontenot
    Christine F.
    18:45 16 Oct 20
    Kim Mark Boyd
    Kim Mark B.
    19:02 29 May 20
    James was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional.
    Lawrence Hall
    Lawrence H.
    00:32 15 May 20
    Door seal work was excellent. Tecnician was very courteous and explained key information with us. Door repair lock adjustment initially worked; but when we opened door after technician left door would not lock at all.. Possibly needs new lock.
    Young Chung-Hall
    Young C.
    18:23 14 May 20
    Craig Heinrichs
    Craig H.
    20:23 08 Apr 20
    Quality door. Good company. Thanks to Amanda for all the follow up. James also did a great job.
    Patricia Reyes
    Patricia R.
    13:59 18 Mar 20
    Paid attention to details and completed the job to our satisfaction. Excellent work ethic.
    Tim Murphy
    Tim M.
    22:04 16 Mar 20
    Sergiy Murashkin
    Sergiy M.
    00:57 10 Mar 20
    Five stars. Thanks.
    Chris Munyon
    Chris M.
    17:14 09 Mar 20
    James did a great job!! Very professional and knowledgeable.
    Mary Jo Weaver
    Mary Jo W.
    11:01 02 Mar 20
    James was excellent from start to finish. He arrived promptly, went right to work doing my window finishing work, and was polite and courteous the whole time. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing new windows and especially James and staff like him who makes the customer comfortable and happy.
    Cindy Lee
    Cindy L.
    18:13 27 Feb 20
    W Bailey
    W B.
    17:12 20 Feb 20
    I'm very impressed with James, the service tech. He was on time and quickly fixed our screen with a penknife while waiting for Josh to bring the part to fix our window. Now that you have a very good Tampa area tech, I look forward to even better service. I wish we didn't have to wait so long to get small parts like the roller used to fix our window.
    Don Shockley
    Don S.
    18:17 19 Feb 20
    James went above and beyond with matchingthe existing grout with the new.He did a good job with clean up and explaininghow long the grout would take to dry.He did a great job and was very thorough.Don Shockley
    Ed Glickman
    Ed G.
    14:40 14 Feb 20
    The installers were 👍
    Thomas Cunningham
    Thomas C.
    23:22 05 Dec 19
    Amanda Bragg
    Amanda B.
    13:33 22 Nov 19
    Richard Gonlin
    Richard G.
    22:00 16 Sep 19
    There are so many choices for new windows and we weren't sure who to trust. After shopping around we decided to use FAS Windows & Doors. Everyone we met from the sales rep, Dan, to the final measurements with Jason, were so professional and top notch. But that's the easy part!How and when would they be installed? We start getting calls from the coordinator Elizabeth who was so customer friendly and accommodating.She schedules the installers a few weeks later and Ray arrives with beautiful PGT windows and does an incredible job. The windows fit perfectly and Ray was technical and exact in his install. And maybe Ray was the most polite workman we have had at our house!Sounds too good to be true but these guys (and Elizabeth) are very good at what they do. We enjoy the windows every day.Rich and Karen on Tierra Verde
    Jeremiah Watford
    Jeremiah W.
    19:56 14 Sep 19

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