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Unlock the Benefits of Installing French Doors

If you live in Florida, chances are you have seen a set of beautiful French doors leading out to the backyard or pool area. Whether you are just admiring them from afar or considering installing them in your own home, French doors can be a great addition to any home.

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5 Perks of French Doors

French doors are a great option for any home in Florida. As you may know, french doors are primarily used as patio doors and are affordable compared to sliding doors or even full-length windows. But is a french door the right choice for you? Here are five benefits of French doors to help you with your decision.

Energy Efficiency

French doors allow plenty of natural light and fresh air into your home while providing superior insulation. This means that modern french doors don't require you to sacrifice natural light to save a chunk of change every month, which is an added bonus. Installing insulated glass on your French doors will help keep your energy costs down as it reduces the amount of air that is transferred between the inside and outside environment. This means less heat transfer in the summertime and less cold air entering during the winter months.

Added Security

The ability to lock multiple points on a set of double-paned French doors adds an extra layer of security for your family. Some newer models come with built-in keyless entry systems, allowing you access without worrying about remembering where you left the key when heading out for the day. Additionally, many models come ready to adapt to a built-in alarm system that alerts you when someone attempts to open them from the outside.

Space Saving Design

From a design standpoint, French doors add homeowners more options for creating space within their homes because they don't swing outward like traditional hinged doors. This means that instead of leaving room around a door for it to swing open, you can place furniture up against it without worrying about leaving enough room for it to move freely.

Additionally, they take up less wall space than other types of door styles, making them ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments or condos where every inch counts! French doors are bigger than your standard door, making it easier to move furniture in and out if needed.

Suppose you're looking for operable doors made of high-quality materials to create access from your dining room or even your master bedroom to your outdoor living space. In that case, exterior french doors may be just what you're looking for.

Increased Home Value

Installing new French doors can significantly increase the value of your home by adding aesthetic appeal and increasing its overall curb appeal. It's important to note that if you plan on selling your home at some point in the future, buyers will appreciate having high-quality energy-efficient windows and doors installed throughout their new property - something that could potentially add thousands to its overall value!

Easy Maintenance

French doors require very little maintenance compared to other types of door styles, such as sliding glass patio or bi-folding accordion style doors, which need regular cleaning and lubrication in order to operate smoothly. All these types of doors require is occasional wiping down with a damp cloth - making upkeep simple and easy!

FAS Windows & Doors: Your Local French Door Experts

Installing French Doors can be one of the best investments homeowners make when looking for an upgrade that not only looks great but provides long-term results too! Energy efficiency ratings increase with improved insulation capabilities, while security measures are enhanced due to multiple security locks available on modern models.

The spacious design allows more flexibility when arranging furniture in tight spaces or creating a spacious entry point while adding extra value should owners decide to sell their properties at some point down the line! With easy maintenance requirements, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t consider installing these beautiful pieces in their homes today!

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