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Your Guide to Types of French Doors in 2021

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Have the doors in your home seen better days? Are you looking for a quick-and-easy renovation idea that can add tangible value to your property? Whether you are looking to simply improve your home for aesthetic reasons or you wish to build value, the team at FAS Windows & Doors can help!

As the leading bulk supplier of French doors in Central Florida, FAS Windows & Doors has a wide selection of high-quality products available for your consumption.

Leading today’s discussion will be the different types of French doors that you can install at home.

What Are French Doors?

What exactly is a French door? We’ll say this much: it isn’t a set of doors with an accent! Instead, French doors are simply two adjoining doors that are affixed with glass panes beginning at the top and extending all the way to the bottom of the frame.

French doors were purportedly invented in the 17th century, dating back to the French Renaissance. Prior to the advent of electricity, different types of French doors were utilized to bring natural light into the home. Considered an incredible expense during the renaissance, glass has since become affordable enough for all of us to enjoy French doors at home.

Key Benefits to French Doors

Before we delve into the different types of French doors available at FAS Windows & Doors, we first must understand the key benefits that they can provide to your home. More than a standard door, the right set of French doors can bring a range of unique perks to your home.

  1. Energy Efficiency – First and foremost, French doors are incredibly efficient in terms of energy use. Created largely of glass panes, French doors bring in a ton of natural light. Natural light allows your home to stay warm in the winter while helping to stave off the heat of summer.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal – Anything borne of the renaissance is likely to have some measure of aesthetic appeal, French doors notwithstanding. From ornate glass panes to unique designs, the aesthetic appeal of French doors lends a level of elegance that other entrances just cannot provide.

  3. Improve House Value – Curbside appeal is the most important appeal, so make sure you are leaving a great first impression. Most prospective buyers know whether they like a house before ever stepping outside of their vehicle. Make that first impression a good one with unique, elegant, and visually pleasing French doors.

Types of French Doors

There are a wide variety of French doors available to meet the specified needs of your home. Today, we are going to discuss a few of the most popular styles to consider. If any of these leap off the page at you, consider contacting your local window and door installer to learn more!

  1. Wood French Doors – One of the most common choices among French doors is the wooden frame. Wooden doors provide a rustic ambiance that can’t be found in some of the other options that we will discuss today. Outdoor French doors are typically finished with a weatherproof coating to protect them from the elements. Wooden French doors offer less ambient lighting than glass options, however.

  2. Glass French Doors – If you want to prioritize natural light in your home or living space, consider the installation of glass French doors. Ostensibly beautiful, large glass panes bring the opportunity to both decorate and provide additional comfort. Traditionally, these doors are made from glass as well as fiberglass, wood, or manufactured wood. Despite their fragile appearance, glass doors can be purchased with shatterproof features to provide extra protection.

  3. Sliding French Doors – Sliding glass doors have long been favored for their elegance and the level of light they can bring into a home. Sliding French doors are beautiful and laid against a fixed or mobile door.

  4. Vinyl French Doors – The final style of door we want to touch upon is the vinyl French door. Vinyl doors are created from plastic-based compounds that can mimic the appearance of other more elegant materials. Viny French doors aren’t the best choice for places predisposed to massive temperature swings.

Shop Today at FAS Windows & Doors

FAS Windows & Doors is a privately owned corporation proudly serving Central Florida with residential windows and doors. First established in 2005 by John and Ernie Wilding, FAS has been recognized by Window and Door Magazine as well as Angie’s List for superior craftsmanship and customer service. When FAS isn’t helping clients to the windows and doors of their dreams, they are giving back to the local community through charities like the Second Harvest Food Bank.

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