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How to Prepare Your Home for Window Installation

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Your home’s window installation is coming up soon, but is your home ready? Preparing for your upcoming window upgrade is important. Most likely, your window installers have already described some of the most important things that need to be done in order to prepare your home for window installation successfully. In addition to their suggestions, these tips can help you get ready for your upcoming home improvement.

1. Clear the Area Around the Window Exterior

Your window installers will need to access your windows from the outside during your window installation. Landscaping, furnishings and other items can all get in the way and prevent your window installers from accessing your house.

Move Landscaping for Window Installation

Your window installers will work around your landscaping to the best of their ability. However, any landscaping that grows up around your windows or blocks the windowpane may need to be pruned back or moved. Confirm with your window installers before altering your landscaping, to ensure this needs to be done. If your installers can work around your landscaping, they’ll let you know!

Relocate Furnishings and Obstacles

Anything that can be easily moved should be moved to make the job easier for your window installers. Items that need to be moved may include patio furniture, planters and pots. Most likely, if garden boxes have been attached to your windows, you’ll need to move those as well. Talk to your window installers to find out for sure.

2. Clear the Area Around the Window Interior

Your window installers will also need to access your windows from the inside of your house. Furniture and personal items that have been pushed up against your windows will need to be moved to the center of the room to ensure access to your windows. You’ll also need to keep the work area free of obstacles – so keep a walkway to your windows clear.

3. Prepare for Window Installation and Protect Your Flooring

Your window installers will do their best to protect your flooring. They may attach booties to their shoes to prevent your floors from getting dirty. However, you may also take extra steps to protect your flooring. This is definitely a good idea if you have a rug or carpeting that may hide dust from your window installation, or if you’re worried about your hardwood floors becoming scratched.

To protect your floors, you may lay down a tarp or canvas drop cloth. Your window installers may bring floor protection as well, but it never hurts to be prepared. If you’re wondering what your window installers will do to protect your floors during installation, or if you should be taking extra measures to protect your floors, talk to your sales representative before the day of your installation.

4. Remove Window Dressings

Window dressings get in the way during your window installation. Take down your curtains, curtain rods, drapes, blinds and other window treatments before the day of the installation. You can put them back up later – or this may be the perfect opportunity to get new window treatments.

5. Protect Your Belongings and Home

Window installation can create dust, which can then settle in the cracks and crevices around your home. Take down any paintings and hanging art around your windows to protect them from dust. This also prevents your hanging art from getting in the way of the window installers.

Cover furnishings and other objects in the room with plastic sheets to prevent them from being affected by dust. This is especially important for the furnishings that are the closest to your windows, but even furnishings that are far away from your windows can benefit from being covered.

6. Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

Window installation can be very loud, and that can be disturbing to children and pets. Make arrangements to keep pets out of your house – and away from your yard, since your window installers will be found in the inside and outside parts of your house. This is especially important if you have kids who need to take naps during the day, or pets who feel anxiety around strangers and loud noises.

You don’t even have to be in the house during your window installation, but if you plan to be gone while your installers are doing their work, make arrangements with your installers before the day of the installation. You may need to give your installers access to a key so they can let themselves in to your house. If not, you’ll have to plan to be at the house at the very beginning of the installation, and at the very end.

7. Improve Accessibility In Your Home

Security systems and alarm systems can make problems during your window installation. Make arrangements to have these systems disabled while your window installation is taking place.

Ensure that your window installers will be able to access your house. Gates and other obstacles should be opened, or your installers will need instructions to get past the gates when they arrive.

Have More Questions to Prepare for Window Installation? Call Today

At FAS Windows & Doors, we help homeowners like you prepare for window installation. We want your window installation to be a success, so we’ll naturally do everything we can to give you the information you need. If you still have questions about your window installation, contact us today! We’re happy to help.


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