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2021 Home Window Trends

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Windows can be some of the most neglected areas of a home when it comes to décor. But you can avoid drab windows with the same forethought you put into the rest of your home’s style. Here are the biggest 2021 home window trends you should know.

The first consideration is to go beyond simple window coverings to actual window treatments, which include not just functionality, but style as well. To get the ideas flowing, here are some of the biggest trends in 2021 home window treatments:

Jewel Tones

Ranging from deep ruby reds to shades of turquoise and blue, jewel tones are making a comeback in window treatments, according to designer Jennifer Duneier for

Jewel tones, so named because of the gemstone colors they imitate, offer an air of sophistication and luxury to the rooms where they are used, especially when combined with the trend of soft metallic hardware. A luxurious look doesn’t have to mean heavy drapes, which can be cumbersome to open and close. Lighter fabrics in many of the same bold jewel tones are the updated version of this trend.

Natural Elements

Spending more time at home has sparked the desire to bring the outdoors in, with houseplants and natural light playing significant roles in home décor this year. The trend continues with window treatments, according to HunterDouglas. Woven shades are a new trend, created with bamboo, grasses, reeds, and other natural elements, but woven in such a way as to resist bending, breaking, and bowing. They are available in natural and dyed hues.

The houseplant craze has even given rise to the idea of hanging potted plants from the end of curtain rods, though it’s important to have the appropriate rod brackets in place.

Minimalism Continues

Many homeowners and designers alike hopped on the less-is-more bandwagon several years ago and it doesn’t look as though they will be disembarking any time soon. Minimalistic style has the added advantage of forcing you to get rid of any décor elements that no longer make you feel joy. Window treatments can answer this trend with lightweight fabric weaves for curtains that offer soft lines as a backdrop for your living space.

For colors, select soft, natural hues for an airy, non-obtrusive feel. Don’t be afraid to let them float just above the floor rather than hang them at a length that causes them to lie in a dust-collecting bunch.

Grand Statements

While minimalistic design continues to be a popular trend this year, a design approach at the opposite end of the spectrum is Grandmillenial Design. This trending window treatment style is inspired by vintage patterns and bold colors, resulting in a cozy, cottage feel.

While it may harken back to your grandmother’s days, this trend won’t make your room look dated if it’s done right. Relying on today’s colors is a good first step toward creating the sought-after charm the Grandmillenial Design trend holds.

Plantation Shutters and Blinds

Shutters and blinds are some of the most common window treatments and that popularity continues into 2021. But don’t settle for the typical plastic miniblind, which is dated.

To add character and elegance, opt for easy-to-operate plantation shutters, suggests Energy-efficient, these wood or faux wood shutters come in moisture-resistant, insulated, and light control options to meet every need. In addition to an assortment of natural wood tones, you’ll find these blinds in white.

If you don’t think wood plantation shutters are quite your vibe, there are other blinds that can keep you on-trend, offered in a wide assortment of styles and materials.

For 2021, choose blinds with slats that are 2.5 inches or larger. Today’s blinds also come in cordless and motorized versions, the perfect marriage of style and functionality.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The pandemic sparked a do-it-yourself trend, with homeowners spending much more time in their homes. Not only have homeowners had more time for projects, but the financial crunch the pandemic caused for many has sparked interest in low-cost solutions when updating décor. That love for budget-friendly, DIY projects includes window treatments.

The result? Valances made of table runners, curtains given a dip-dye treatment, sheets repurposed as children’s bedroom curtains, and existing curtains trimmed with decorative ribbon to give a new look.

Those who prefer Boho decor may opt for incorporating macrame into their window treatments, an inexpensive solution.

Practicality Never Goes Out of Style

Features like security and energy efficiency continue to be important when it comes to doors and windows. That means not only the windows themselves—with insulated glass and low emissivity of thermal energy—but window treatments as well. Homeowners have been more health-conscious since the pandemic and are looking for any way possible to incorporate a design that contributes to physical and mental well-being.

For window treatments, that means plenty of natural light by way of sheer curtains and drapes or easy-to-operate blinds that can be open by day to bathe rooms in light but are easily closed for security and privacy when darkness falls.

Makeover Your Home with 2021 Window Trends from FAS Windows & Doors

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