Wood-Clad Windows

Like the look of wood-framed windows but want something a little easier to maintain? Wood-clad windows are the answer.

Wood-clad windows are traditional wood-framed windows with a material such as vinyl which covers the wood on the exterior side to reduce external maintenance. Normally the “cladding” is vinyl or aluminum; however other metals such as bronze, copper or zinc and be used, but add a considerable amount of cost to the windows.

Wood-Clad Window Advantages

As a rule, vinyl external cladding comes in a variety of stock colors. Covering both the sash and the frame of the window, the cladding can keep the exterior of your windows maintenance-free for years. With vinyl cladding the color permeates the material, meaning scratches won’t show. With aluminum windows, scratches may show but it is generally more durable and since it is easy to paint, you have a wider color selection.

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Wood-clad Windows
Wood-clad Windows

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