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Designed for the impact market, Eagle's HarborMaster systems use monolithic or insulated laminated glass in combination with structural enhancements to meet or exceed the stringent code requirements of ASTM and TAS testing protocol. 

Eagle Window Harbor Master Glass 2Eagle's testing includes firing a wood 2X4 at a window or door numerous times from a cannon at 50 feet per second, and then subjecting it to 9,000 pressure cycles to simulate sustained high winds.
Selecting the appropriate glass for coastal products is an integral step in your design process as well.  Eagle offers a variety of glass types for both monolithic and insulated glass options.

HarborMaster Monolithic Glass Options

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Low-E
  • Bronze Low-E
  • Low-E 366
  • Bronze Low-E 366
  • Gray Low-E 366
  • Green Low-E 366

HarborMaster Insulated Glass Options

  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Clear
  • Low-E
  • Low-E 366
  • Bronze/Bronze
  • Gray/Gray
All of the glass options listed above come with a protective film and a special exterior coating.  The protective film is applied to the interior and exterior of the glass, shielding it from potential damage during shipping and during the construction process.  The film also aids in quick clean up and saves time when painting or staining your windows.  The special coating is applied to the exterior of the glass, and when activated by sunlight, dries faster with up to 99% fewer water spots.
Eagle Low E4 Products with a Low-E coating feature High-Performance Low-E4 glass.  High-Performance Low-E4 glass features the film and coating explained above.  The addition of the Low-E coating can cut your energy bill up to 25%.

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