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Items in bold indicate required information.

Please provide the sticker information of the unit in question if available, see instructions below in order to locate that information.

Doors: Swinging doors typically have their sticker behind the center hinge of the door. You may unscrew those 4 screws on one side to locate it. Sliding doors are often like windows, they can be located in the frame of the door, top, or side.

Windows: Below is an example of a sticker.

fas windows doors service label

Please email order number and a photo of the sticker along with a photo of the issue if you can to:

Helpful Hint: Have you inspected your caulking to make sure with time it has not worn away? Sometimes caulking around the outside of the window can wear away, crack, or split which can cause water infiltration. Please check this yearly to ensure that the envelope of your home is not breached. This is home owner maintenance and is not covered by the FAS labor warranty.

We Look forward to serving you.

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