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Winter Weather – New Windows?

The winter months are here and with that comes cold temperatures and winter winds. As the temperature drops now is the time for homeowners to inspect their windows and doors to prepare for winter. Often times old or out dated windows and doors are responsible for a majority of lost heat. Right now is an ideal time of year to really evaluate if your home is energy efficient or if it is suffering from energy loss. Don’t know if you need new windows? Check out our quick checklist below to see if you need new windows.

  1. Do you feel excess heat through your windows from direct sunlight?

  2. Are your carpets or furniture faded in areas where the sun frequently enters your rooms?

  3. Are your windows ill-fitted and leak all your cooled home air?

  4. Are your windows difficult to open or close?

  5. Do you have chipped or flaking window frames?

  6. Do your windows shake or rattle when the wind blows?

  7. Do you have moisture and condensation between the panes of any insulted glass windows?

Newer windows that are energy efficient can greatly reduce your heating costs and can prevent your home from becoming “drafty” due to the cold winter winds. Double or even triple paned glass will help to insulate your home even more and can benefit you all year round. At FAS Windows & Doors we offer a wide variety of energy efficient windows that will help your home be warm and cozy this holiday season!

R. Wilding 12/12/2013

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