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Why You Should Have Argon Gas in Your Window Panes

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When you install dual pane windows in your home, you’ll be faced with a choice: air-filled, or argon-filled? Making the decision to install windows filled with argon gas can be difficult, especially if you’re not aware of the benefits and how this useful product can affect you at home. Knowing the benefits of argon gas in window panes and how it can impact the functionality of your windows can make your decision easier.

What are dual pane windows? Why are they better than single pane?

Before you can understand argon and its role in the window, you should first understand dual pane windows. Years ago, all windows were single pane. These windows placed a single sheet of glass between the home’s interior and exterior. Windows offered a wonderful view into the outside world, and also allowed natural light into the home, but there were also problems with their design.

Perhaps the biggest problem with single pane windows came down to energy loss. In the summer, window glass became hot. The glass also allowed infrared light into the home, which could heat up the space and cause hot spots around the windows. This would make some rooms significantly warmer than others.

In the winter, the opposite problem occurred. Single pane windows would become very cold – even icy – and would counteract the effects of the home’s HVAC system. Single pane windows could also be very drafty. Wind from the outside would impact the inside.

Dual pane windows provide extra protection against the heat and cold outside the house, but place an extra barrier between the extreme temperatures outdoors and the climate controlled temperatures indoors. Standard dual pane windows are made up of two sheets of glass, caulked and sealed, to protect the home from the uncomfortable temperatures outside.

What’s between the panes in a dual pane window?

One of the reasons that dual pane windows offer such great protection from extreme temperatures has to do with what’s in between the panes of glass. Depending on the window you purchase, there may be different gasses found between the glazing. Below are the two most common options:


Air sealed between the panes of glass serves as an insulator to protect your home from extreme temperatures outdoors. The air between your window panes is sealed inside so that it can’t escape.

Sometimes the seal between the panes of glass will degrade. This causes the air outside your windows to creep into the space between the glazing. When this happens, humidity may also enter the space between your windows.

This causes your dual pane windows to become foggy. This cannot be fixed unless it’s fixed by a professional. This is why it’s important to buy good quality windows when you make your purchase. The better quality your dual pane windows, the fewer problems you’ll have with air leaks.


Some windows have a layer of argon between the glass, instead of air. Argon is better because it’s a better insulator. It may cost a little more, but you’ll notice a difference in the level of protection that you enjoy inside your home.

Other benefits of argon include:

Better Soundproofing Capability

Argon is better at soundproofing than air. If you live on a busy street or in a loud area, you’ll notice fewer sounds from the environment around your home if there is argon in your windows.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Argon’s insulating qualities can be used anywhere. They are a sufficient insulator no matter where you are in the country – and therefore you can trust their insulating qualities when you install argon windows in your home.

Will Not Contaminate the Environment

Argon can leak out of your windows over time, but this doesn’t contribute to poor indoor air quality in your home. Argon is a safe gas when in small quantities.

Cost of Argon Is Not Significant

Argon doesn’t add a great deal of cost to your windows. This means you get a lot of benefits for little expense. To find out exactly what the cost of argon is, talk to your window installer to get a quote.

Reduces the Chances of Condensation

Condensation in the window is a common problem when the temperature of the glass is significantly colder than the temperature of the air in the home. This is especially true if your home has a lot of moisture in it. Because argon provides great insulation, it can help control the temperature of the glass inside your house. That means no condensation!

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

It’s very helpful to install energy efficient windows in your home. When your home’s windows are replaced with energy efficient models, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Improved property value.

  2. Better quality of life in your home.

  3. Easier temperature control indoors.

  4. Reduced burden on your HVAC system.

Find Out More About Installing Argon Windows In Your Home

Want to know more about how argon filled windows can improve your life at home? Contact FAS Windows and Doors. We’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of argon filled windows with you.

FAS Windows and Doors is a trusted window dealer and installer in Florida. To learn more about how our windows can improve your home’s value and make your house a more comfortable, pleasant place to live, call us today.


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