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Why is Energy Star Important?


Energy Star ENERGY STAR® is a international standard, now a guideline, for products that are energy efficient. The program is managed by the United States Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. The ENERGY STAR® logo is carried by products that use around 20-30% less energy than federal requirements dictate.

ENERGY STAR® requirements assist consumers and businesses ensure greater energy efficiency, and therefore, a less damaging effect on the environment. The ENERGY STAR® label can only be attached to windows and doors that meet stringent U-value and shading coefficient guidelines for at least one region of the United States. Independent testing awards these ratings. Glass used, style of window, and materials all affect the window’s rating.

Recently, energy efficiency has become a top priority in the development and construction of windows and doors. The U.S. governments has advertised the benefits of decreasing energy use as well as the decrease of green house gasses… for both the United States economy and for the environment. The government has even created rebate and tax incentive programs that benefits homeowners.

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Katie Pettit 10/9/2010

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