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What to Know Before You Buy a New Front Door

Looking to spruce up the entrance of your home in Florida with a new exterior door? Replacing your old door may be the perfect way to add some pizzazz and charm. But before you start shopping, there are a few key things you need to know about buying a new front entry door. Let’s take a look at what you should consider before replacing your existing door with a new entry door.

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Figure Out Your Entry Door Budget

First and foremost, you need to consider your budget when buying a new front door. Costs vary widely depending on the type of material and construction used. As such, it is important that you have an idea of how much money you can spend before beginning your search. That way, you won't end up overspending or falling in love with an option that is out of your price range.

Think About Energy Efficiency

Another important factor to consider when selecting your front door is its energy efficiency rating. This rating will tell you how much heat or cold is transferred through the material of the door itself—the higher the rating, the less energy will be lost from your home during extreme temperatures. Look for doors with an Energy Star label, as this means they meet strict guidelines set forth by the EPA for energy efficiency.

Find The Right Front Door Material

Once you have determined your budget, it’s time to decide which material is right for your home and style preferences. Common materials used for entry doors include solid wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages—wood doors tend to be more expensive but offer more excellent insulation. Steel doors are more affordable but require more maintenance — so do some research on each option before making your decision. Additionally, make sure to select a material that will provide sufficient insulation for the climate in Florida. Otherwise, you could end up paying more for energy bills than necessary!

Security For Your Entry Doors

It goes without saying that security should be top-of-mind when selecting a new front door. Look for features like multi-point locking systems with deadbolts, reinforced edges on steel doors, impact resistance ratings or even electronic locks with keypads or card readers. All these features can help give you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe in your home.

Consider Professional Installation Services

Finally, when investing in a new front door, or any residential exterior doors, for your home in Florida, it is important that you enlist professional installation services from an experienced expert like FAS Windows & Doors. An experienced technician will ensure proper installation so as not to compromise the door's security or energy efficiency features. Plus, they will also help identify any potential issues or problems with the product before it is installed so that they can be addressed immediately!

It is not uncommon for an existing door frame to not properly match up with a new entry door, due to the new type of front door styles available these days. Even if you are looking to utilize a prehung door for you new entry door, you may encounter a multitude of issues when you go to replace your old door with a new door.

FAS Windows & Doors: Your Local Entry Door Experts

Installing a new front door can be an exciting way to add curb appeal and value to your home in Florida—but before making any decisions make sure that you consider all the factors mentioned above first! Knowing what type of material fits within your budget and having professional installation services are both essential steps when purchasing a new entryway door for your house. With this knowledge under your belt, you'll be able to find the perfect front door for your home without any hassle or stress!

Whether you're looking for steel doors, solid wood doors, or even fiberglass doors - At FAS Windows & Doors, we believe everyone deserves access to quality products and services at reasonable prices—so contact us today if we can help with anything related to entry doors!

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