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What’s My Window Style?

Window shopping is easy-peasy when you know what you need! But how do you know what to look for when it comes to window style? There are many shapes, features, glass packages, and styles available to choose from when you are narrowing down your window “view”. Deciding on the perfect choice for your home and family can be simple!

Here’s a general guide to the different styles of windows available to consumers:

There are only a few basic style windows available in the U.S. market.

The most common style is the double hung window, which is made up of two sashes that are both active, or moveable. Both sashes slide up and down for ventilation. Joining windows together can add many more configurations and add to your personal window style.

Sliding windows are similar to double hung windows, but move by opening right and left.

Picture windows are fixed, they do not move, and do not open for ventilation.

Casement windows are the kind of window that crank out. This feature allows for complete top to bottom ventilation with the added protection of a full screen. Many consumers prefer the elegance of the casement window as they feel it adds a touch of style to their homes.

Bow windows, also known as compass windows or radial bay windows, have equal width picture or casement windows mounted on a gentle curve. Bow windows are grant a contemporary look, enhancing the style of your home.

Bay windows have a center picture window framed with a casement window or a double hung window on each side…typically mounted at a 30 degree or 45 degree angle. Installing bay windows in your home can help you maintain a traditional look, and a very dramatic visual statement, all adding to your personal style.

Awning windows crank out from the bottom, and are used where the shape of the opening is wider than it is high. You can leave these open in light rain, and still get ventilation.

Finally, there is the “hopper” window. This type of window opens into the home from the top of the opening and is usually found in a basement.

You can join many of these styles of windows together to get combination windows that will meet your specific style needs. A professional window dealer like FAS Windows & Doors will be able to help you discover what suits the needs of your home and family, and what satisfies your personal window style. Find your window “view”!

Contact FAS Windows & Doors at 1-888-422-1960 and let us help you discover your window style!

Katie Pettit 8/31/2010

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