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What Is This Going To Cost?

One of the first questions many homeowners ask when considering having replacement windows installed is “How much will it cost to replace all of my windows?” Sadly, and to some frustration to many homeowners, the answer is, “It depends.”

So many factors and options go into pricing windows that it can be very confusing. Hopefully we can remedy some of this by looking at what things influence windows prices.

First point: How many windows are needing to be replaced?

This all depends on your needs. These needs can be small, maybe there is only one window per room, or over all you may need to replace three or four windows. Other houses may have needs for many windows, where almost the entire wall is just glass. This is obviously the biggest factor in prices.

Secondly: What are the sizes of the windows?

For whatever reason, many people think that windows come in standard sizes. This is not exactly true. Windows are unique, especially in older homes. Whoever is replacing your windows needs to make sure and take accurate measurements of each window. There is no such thing as a one size fits all window! For windows to work correctly and to be energy efficient, they must be custom sized to fit properly. A replacement window will not offer maximum energy efficiency if it is not properly installed; in order for a replacement window to be properly installed it must be the right size.

There is a correlation between the size of a replacement window and how much it costs; exceptionally large replacement windows are more pricier than average. Additionally, exceptionally small or unusually shaped windows can cost more to replace.

Lastly: What Type of Replacement Windows are you considering?

There is a tremendous amount of variation in replacement window pricing. This variation is dependent upon the replacement window’s manufacturer and upon the type of replacement window. There are wood replacement windows, aluminum replacement windows, and vinyl replacement windows. Wood replacement windows are the most expensive option; however, they are also by far the most beautiful. Vinyl is a product that is getting much more attention as time passes. These new vinyl windows look great and offer amazing energy efficiency. Aluminum windows are cheaper and also offer great packages and options as well. Every type of window has it’s benefits.

For more help on window selection please check out our window purchasing tips section!

Brett Roth 8/15/2009

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