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What Does Your Door Color Say About You?

Do you ever wonder why we gravitate to certain colors? Like having five blue shirts in your wardrobe and none that are orange. Or purchasing a red car for no particular reason. If you see a door color that you like or dislike, you may be responding to the emotions or stereotypes affiliated with that color. Specific shades may influence more of our lives than we think.

Think about the color of your front door: did you pick out the color yourself or change the color when you moved in? Maybe you think you just picked out the color of your door because it matched the color of your house-or simply because you liked it. But it’s likely that your unconscious made the decision for you.

By now, you might be wondering what your choice indoor color says about you or how you can best represent yourself with a new hue. And we’re going to tell you.


Most blues have a nice, soft hue; they are the colors we associate with a clean environment like water and air. When you add this calming effect at the front of your home, you could be looking for refuge from a chaotic world. Light blue also symbolizes understanding, health, loyalty, and trust. If you want your home to be an escape from a hectic life, choose a soft blue front door.

Similarly, dark blue represents wisdom, power, and integrity-but not in a boisterous way. Together, these shades of blue represent your easy-going, introspective personality.


The boldness of red demands much more attention than the calm blue. This color represents one of two opposite sides: love and hate. Either way, bright and dark red are emotional and passionate colors. We use red today in signs and flags because you can see it from far away. A red door will have the same effect; it will make your home stand out.


If purple is a color you rarely see in nature, green is the exact opposite. Green symbolizes life, growth, healing, and safety. A person with a door this color is close to nature and traditional values. They want their home to be a place of change and new development, but they still respect past traditions. Olive tones are particularly zen and inviting to the outside.


A black door has become popular in recent years, and for good reason. It can be classic, modern, and everything in between. It can stand on its own and be the perfect addition to your home, or you can add a seasonal wreath or decoration and it will blend flawlessly with the black background.

A black door can represent sophistication, authority, and power.


White is a color that shines through when you clean and polish it. Since this color’s difficult to keep clean, only the cleanest and most organized people choose white. White represents purity, safety, and success. If you decide to have a white door, you’re likely a practical person looking to match your home to your door.

Do you think the color of your door accurately represents you?

Alexandra 1/9/2015

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