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What are the advantages of Vinyl Windows

What other advantages do vinyl windows have? Well they resist: rust, rot, blistering, corrosion, flaking and termites. A study by an internationally respected life cycle analysis firm shows vinyl window frames require three times less energy to manufacture than aluminum window frames. Beyond that, the use of these frames has been shown to save the United States nearly 2 trillion BTUs of energy per year. The design of vinyl window frames further enhances energy efficiency by creating chambers in the frame that provide additional resistance to heat transfer and insulating air pockets. The energy efficiency of these windows and glass doors can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with coal-fired power plants. These windows are also low maintenance. No painting and repainting necessary.

You can choose from many different colors and all of them are essentially scratch resistant. However, once you choose the color, it can neither be changed nor can it be repainted. If you are looking for grace and elegance, energy efficiency, affordable price, or ease of maintenance, vinyl replacement windows are clearly your best choice. They are absolutely scratch-resistant and your windows, whatever their age, will always look new.

Nicole 8/26/2011

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