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What Are Argon Gas-Filled Windows – And How Do They Help With Energy Efficiency?

At FAS Windows & Doors, we’ve done a lot of research when it comes to energy efficiency in our product offerings for Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas. We’ve learned a lot about the components that make for good windows and doors.

Today we’ll focus on insulation components for your replacement windows – specifically argon gas. Not sure what argon gas-filled windows are and how they can help insulate your home? Continue reading to find out!

Properties of Argon Gas

First, we’ll start by answering the obvious question… what is argon gas?

Argon is a chemical element that is a byproduct of oxygen and nitrogen. It is the third most abundant gas on earth and one of the best tools to use when creating energy-efficient windows.

Argon is what is known as a ‘noble gas’, meaning that in its purest state, it is colorless, odorless, and stable. Because of these characteristics, noble gasses are used in a variety of industries. Argon is non-toxic, so it is used in many everyday products, such as light bulbs and refrigerants as well as in windows.

When someone asks, “What’s a gas-filled window?” or “What are argon windows?” the answer is that they are insulated glass windows or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs). Argon is one of two types of gasses often used in IGUs – the other being krypton gas.

Insulated windows are constructed by inserting gas in the empty space between two (or three) panes of glass.

Reach Out to Experts on Argon Gas-Filled Windows

Most argon IGUs will include a combination of argon and oxygen (air). Argon is denser than air and has a thermal conductivity rate 67% lower than air. That density is what makes heat and cold transfer much harder with an argon-filled IGU.

Thicker than air, argon slows thermal transfer to reduce indoor temperature fluctuations. Colorless and odorless, the gas is a non-toxic option for homeowners seeking to increase their home’s energy efficiency.

FAS carries several lines of argon gas-filled windows. Just as important, we have a team of window and door experts to ensure your windows are expertly fitted to your home – so you don’t lose any precious energy savings with leaks.

Call us at (877) 289-0825 to get your free quote. We serve various areas in Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, and more.

FASWD 2/28/2019

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