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Weekend Warrior Tips

Hate Cleaning your windows and doors? If you answered yes, which most do, this information is for you! Luckily cleaning your windows and doors requires very little effort and time. Also cleaning your windows and doors not also helps them look beautiful it also helps with making your investment last. Follow these simple rules from us here at FAS Windows and Doors and you will be sure to enjoy your windows to there full potential.

Do you have dirt or smudges on one or many of your window frames? Easy, wash the frame with a mild, nonabrasive soap, and water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth when finished. We also find that soft scrub works wonders! Never use a cleaner that is abrasive or acidic as this may cause permanent damage to the frames finish. As with all cleaners you should test in a hidden area first.

Glass care is essential to making your windows sparkle. The best and most well known practice is washing the glass with a mild dish soap and water. When finished rinse windows completely, and dry with a soft cloth for a streak free shine. Never use a power washer to wash windows as this could damage the windows seal. Also stay away from razor blades, putty knives and abrasive pads as they may scratch the glass. When it comes to the screens, use water, a mild soap and a soft brush. When finished wipe dry or let air dry.

We hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Tim 4/15/2011

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