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Vinyl Windows Stand Up To Extreme Weather

When you live in Florida, requent thunderstorms are just part of the living. However, constant rain can make home improvement a challenge, as wetness tends to produce rot and mildew around exterior windows. Learn how Simonton vinyl windows are the perfect solution for a wet climate.

Simonton Vinyl windows offer durability and longevity

When investing in replacement windows, you want to make sure you put your money into products that look great and last. Simonton vinyl windows are a perennial favorite among home owners and critics alike. They have been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for incredible operational performance and durability year after year. Their outstanding weatherability comes from the use of high quality vinyl which resists cracking and peeling. Vinyl windows are also extraordinarily easy to clean and maintain.

We love Simonton windows so much, we’re donating them to the Habitat for Humanity and Real Radio 104.1 Monster House. Visit our showrooms in Tampa and Orlando and see for yourself how Simonton windows elevate your living space.

Elizabeth Rissman 7/27/2012

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