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Understanding Awning Windows: Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Comfort

Creating an air-tight home is always a high priority for keeping cool air inside your home and for keeping your energy costs down. But there are benefits to throwing those windows open and allowing fresh outdoor air to come blowing inside. Today we will explain what vent or awning windows are, how they work, and the benefits they could offer you as a homeowner in Central Florida.

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home's Windows?


Natural vs. Mechanical Ventilation

When we rely solely on mechanical ventilation via our air conditioning system, we continue to recycle the indoor air already in our home, regardless of its quality. That means any dust, chemicals, dander, and other air pollutants don’t get the opportunity to be pushed outside.

Natural ventilation, achieved by opening up doors and windows, allows fresh air supply to enter your home while drawing any recycled stale air out. This ventilation helps improve your air quality and your family’s overall health. Opening windows when it’s cooler outside also allows you to turn off your HVAC system for a while, saving on your energy costs.

So it’s good to take advantage of Florida’s brief drops in temperature by opening up your house for some ventilation -- and an efficient, secure way to accomplish this is with awning windows.

Home Vent (Awning) Windows: What Are They?

Vent windows, also known as awning windows, are small picture windows with the ability to open evenly on all sides. They're easy to open -- with just the pull of a lever, the window pivots outward by a few inches, allowing outdoor air to flow through your home.

When you install vent windows, you have the best of both worlds – you get a beautiful picture window with the ability to open and allow for ventilation, but without the need for a permanent screen obstructing your view. This is because awning or vent windows have a hidden mesh screen that only reveals itself when the window is opened.

Improved & Safer Ventilation for Your Home

Vent windows are generally small, and since they only open a few inches – they offer more security than your standard horizontal slider and double-hung windows. Open-vent windows are also harder to recognize from the outside, allowing for safe night-time ventilation.

Minimal Interference

The small range of motion of awning windows makes them perfect for tighter spaces and rooms, like in the bathroom or kitchen. They’re perfect for use with doors, above flower boxes, and alongside walkways. The smaller range of motion also limits the risks associated with kids and pets near large, open windows.

FAS: We’ve Got Awning Windows Covered

In addition to the health and comfort benefits, awning windows can also add charm and character to the exterior of your home. They come in a variety of styles and designs, allowing you to customize the look of your home while still reaping the functional benefits. Having vent windows in your home is an easy way to bring fresh air in and keep energy costs down.

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