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Two Ways Replacement Windows Create Easy Maintenance

Unless you love spending Saturdays washing your windows (and we’re guessing you don’t), you want windows that are easy to maintain. Here are two ways replacement windows make for easier home maintenance.

Structually superior windows allow maneuverability

Many high-performance replacement windows nowadays are designed with easy maitenance in mind. For example, double-hung windows utilize the latest internal constant force balance system which allows the homeowner to manipulate the sashes up and down. These windows tilt in and lock securely in place for easy cleaning.

Premium materials such as vinyl stand up to elements

Simonton vinyl windows are made from the highest quality vinyl and require minimal maitenance. Offering maximum weatherability, Simonton windows hold strong against extreme elements and resist pollen, salt spray, and dirt. The vinyl color is integrated throughout, so the frames and sash never require repainting.

Take back your weekends by investing in easily maintainable, replacement windows. To learn more, schedule a showroom appointment or call us to set up an in-home, no obligation consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 9/6/2012

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