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Two Ways Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

As the Florida summer starts to heat up, you may notice an increase in your energy consumption—and your electric bill. Learn techniques used by energy efficient products to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Replacing windows and doors ensures a tight seal

When cracks between the window or door frame cause air leakage, it means the home is not properly insulated. Replacing your old windows and doors with correctly installed products ensures your home will be tightly sealed, keeping indoor air in and outdoor air out.

High-performance glass uses solar guarding

High-performance glass utilizes a dual-pane technique in which two barriers of glass insulate your home, decreasing your energy consumption up to 25 percent. Insulated glass, such as Andersen Low-E4, uses solar guarding which blocks up to 84 percent of the sun’s harmful rays and keeps interiors cool.

Make an investment in your home by replacing your windows and doors with green, energy efficient windows and doors. Your wallet will thank you in the long run. Visit our Tampa and Orlando showrooms or call to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more about saving money through energy efficient products.

Elizabeth Rissman 5/18/2012

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