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Two tips to buying patio doors you’ll love for a lifetime

Patio doors serve as the gateway between your home’s interior and luxurious outside entertaining. However, patio doors can take a beating from severe weather conditions, especially if you live near the coast. Here are two tips to keep in mind while buying patio doors to help you select beautiful and long-lasting replacement patio doors.

Select sustainable replacement materials

Custom patio doors made from aluminum, vinyl, or wood-clad materials will provide longevity. Aluminum patio doors from PGT use double-weatherstripping techniques to keep wind and water out, which can cause rust and wear. Vinyl patio doors from Simonton use an Intercept Spacer System, which keeps the elements out and your air conditioning in. Wood is more susceptible to rotting and peeling, but windows made with wood-clad materials, such as Andersen, use Perma-Shield and Narroline, which protect against the elements via a transparent vinyl layer.

Choose patio doors that are easy to operate

Patio doors that are difficult to open are frustrating for homeowners and their guests. Sliding patio doors can stick easily, so choose products with added features, such as weatherproofing along the bottom track, that ensure ease of use. Look for products that open and close easily and quietly.

When buying patio doors, it’s important to find a door that fits both your stylistic and functional requirements. FAS Windows & Doors carries an extensive variety of patio door products to express your personal style. Take a look for yourself in our Orlando or Tampa showrooms, or schedule an in-home consultation to learn how you can improve your patio doors.

Elizabeth Rissman 4/24/2012

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