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Two Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficient Windows

One of the biggest inquiries we receive at FAS Windows & Doors is how customers can reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. Learn two benefits of energy-efficient windows: cost savings and sustainability.

Energy efficiency in windows provide cost savings

Costly electric bills often cause consumers to look for energy-saving alternatives. FAS Windows & Doors offers an array of products certified to reduce energy dependency. By investing in products rated by Energy Star, energy efficient windows are guaranteed to provide maximum insulation and reduce heat transfer. This means less heat coming into your home from the outside, which minimizes the need to overuse air conditioning units.

Eco-friendly windows use sustainable materials

Because consumers have put a bigger priority using sustainable products, companies like Andersen and Simonton have answered by using eco-friendly materials. Over 98 percent of all Andersen materials are used in beneficial way to minimize waste. In addition, brands like Simonton use premium vinyl recycled from previous sources.

Our team of experts is committed to finding ways to help your family live cleaner and greener. Call us to schedule a showroom appointment or in-home, obligation-free consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 10/27/2012

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