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Two Energy-Saving Tips for Cold Weather

Fall is in the air, which means chilly days and nights are around the corner. While cooler temperatures act as a reprieve from the hot, humid days of summer, dropping temperatures can cause homeowners to crank up the heat in their homes. Learn two simple ways to conserve energy during the cold weather months.

Keep thermostats at neutral temperatures

Average daytime temperatures in Florida during winter months hover in the upper 60s and lower 70s. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommends setting thermostats to 68 degrees to spare your system from running unnecessarily. Also, consider wearing layers or cozying up with a blanket instead of turning up the heat.

Energy-efficient windows and doors

Perhaps the biggest electric bills cost savings comes from properly installed, energy-efficient windows and doors. Custom replacement windows and doors form a tight seal around frames to ensure inside air doesn’t escape. Also, windows and doors endorsed by Energy Star and the National Fenestration Rating Council are certified to minimize heat transfer by utilizing thermal insulation.

FAS Windows & Doors has an all-star team of industry experts available to answer all of your questions regarding home energy efficiency. Visit us in our Orlando and Tampa showrooms or schedule an in-home, no obligation consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 10/16/2012

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