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Two Benefits of Andersen’s High-Performance Low-E Glass

Andersen continues to prove itself as an industry leader because their windows perform beautifully and efficiently year after year. Low E4 glass offers optimized insulation from heat, cold, and sound. Learn more about the benefits of Andersen’s 400 Series glass options.

Water spot reduction for easy maintenance

One of Andersen’s 400 Series glass options is Low-E4 Tempered Glass, which stays cleaner than ordinary glass by reducing water spots by 99 percent. Keeping your windows clean and sparkly has never been easier.

Solar guarding keeps home looking new

Low-E4 Smartsun Tempered Glass filters out 95 percent of harmful UV rays while allowing beautiful sunlight to shine through. Solar guarding helps furniture from fading and reduces the liklihood of sun indoor sun exposure. Solar tinting from Andersen’s Sun Tempered glass is also available.

Our showrooms in Orlando and Tampa have several examples of Andersen replacement windows. Call to schedule a showroom appointment today, or arrange an in-home, no obligation consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 8/6/2012

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