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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Windows

Spring is here, which means it’s time for spring window cleaning tips! Time to go the extra mile in cleaning up your home in preparation for summer – so dust off those ceiling fans, vacuum behind the couch, and clean your windows.

Enjoy those warm, gentle breezes and clear, blue sky overhead with these tips for making sure your windows are spotless this spring.

What Supplies Do I Need to Clean My Windows?

Here are some supplies you might need:

  1. Mild cleaning solution (such as mild soapy water, a white vinegar, and water solution, or a liquid window cleaner)

  2. Microfiber or other soft cloth

  3. Squeegee

  4. Synthetic brush or broom

Steps for Cleaning Stationary Windows

  1. Gather supplies

  2. Wipe loose dirt from the glass with a soft, dry cloth or duster

  3. Use your synthetic brush and a cloth to remove debris from the tracks, sill, or frame

  4. Apply your cleaning solution to the glass

  5. Immediately remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee or a clean, lint-free cloth (use a cloth to wipe the squeegee dry after each swipe)

Window Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips for getting a streak-free view:

  1. Cloudy days are best for cleaning your home’s windows, frames, tracks, and screens. Cleaning solutions dry too quickly in direct sunlight and that leads to streaking on the glass.

  2. When cleaning the inside glass by hand, slide the cloth from side to side, and the outside pane from top to bottom. This method allows you to see exactly where any possible streaks are.

  3. Squeegees, like the ones used to clean car windshields, are great for wiping dirty water off glass. Follow each stroke by wiping the squeegee with a cloth or paper towel.

  4. For hard-to-reach windows, seal them tightly and use the garden hose for a spray mist, but be careful; strong water pressure could break the glass or damage the frames.

  5. If you’re having trouble getting into the nooks and crannies, wipe the inside tracks with a wrapped cloth over a thin stick or large cotton swab. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess dirt and rinse the soiled water; be sure the frame is completely dry. Dry frames will ensure window sashes move easier.

How to Clean a Single or Double Hung Window with a Tilt-Sash Feature

Many replacement windows on the market today come with a convenient tilt-wash or tilt-sash feature that allows you to easily maneuver your windows to wash the inside and outside of the window from the comfort of your home.

This feature makes washing the outside of your windows much easier. See how to operate this type of feature in our video:

Take time to take care of your windows this spring! And if you’re looking to replace your old windows before the summer heat kicks in, give FAS Windows & Doors a call at 877-289-0825 to schedule your free in-home estimate.

FASWD 3/27/2019

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