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Three Benefits of Hurricane Storm Panels

Protect the investment you make in your home. To celebrate FAS Windows & Doors new hurricane storm panel website page, we’ve given you three ways storm panels benefit your Florida home.

Hurricane panels provide increased protection

One of the great things about living in Florida is you’re never too far from the beach. However, in the event of a hurricane, proximity to the coast means sustained winds of up to 150 miles an hour. Debris and tree branches can become lethal when hurled through a window at that speed. Hurricane storm panels in aluminum, galvanized steel, or clear lexan plastic offer an extra barrier of protection. Storm panels are installed on the custom window’s exterior and can slow or stop airborne projectiles.

Storm panels safeguard inexpensively

Storm panels are a relatively low-cost way to add protection to your home. Hurricane impact windows from Andersen, Eagle, Simonton, or Gorell can further decrease storm damage, but they are usually a larger investment.

Panels are removable and storable

When hurricane season ends, storm panels can be stored easily in your garage or storage area. Nine to ten panels can be stacked together and only occupy an inch of floor space. Transparent lexan plastic hurricane panels have increased in popularity because they provide protection while maintaining clarity. Many home owners choose lexan storm panels and leave them up throughout Hurricane Season for convenient use during onset of extreme weather.

FAS Windows & Doors is now offering hurricane storm panels as an economical solution to protect your home this hurricane season. Call to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation or visit our Orlando showroom today.

Elizabeth Rissman 4/6/2012

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