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Those THINGS Between the Glass

What are those THINGS between the glass?

Windows are no longer just a no-frills, single pane of glass. There are all kinds of technological advances in the window industry that involve energy efficiency, noise reduction, safety, and weather protection. Glass can be treated with a coating to enhance energy efficiency, or tempered, to make it stronger, but, when considering replacement windows, it’s also important to look at those things between the panes of glass. Those things can truly enhance your window experience.Spacers refer to an objects that separate and uphold the space between the glass surfaces of insulating glass.

Most Simonton windows and doors possess spacers placed between the glass that are constructed of thermally resistant materials that can help prevent temperature transmission through the window. Simonton uses several systems to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency, including the Intercept® Spacer System and the Super Spacer®System.

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Katie Pettit 10/7/2010

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