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The difference between us and them.

If you are shopping for windows, doors or coating, you know there are many companies out there in the Central Florida area. There is a lot of competition here and everyone wants to get your business. When you start getting quotes from companies, it is important to look at that company’s history and reputation. There are parts of the home improvement that are sometimes occupied with shady companies looking to make a quick buck. Thankfully not everyone is going to drop their standards to make sales. We here at FAS Windows and Doors are proud of the reputation we have built in Central Florida as a quality home improvement company. We make sure to go through all the steps necessary in order to be a reputable window and door dealer.

It is important to know that before the installation process FAS Windows and Doors always pulls the required permits from the Department of Community Affairs. This isn’t just done to be “official”, it’s the law, yet somehow there are companies that will install without this integral step in the process. These permits are needed because there are strict requirements and guidelines on how windows and doors are to be installed. The permits also guarantee that the installation will be inspected by the county and that the products are up to the rigorous Florida Building Codes. This protects you from having an inferior product being installed in your home. There are companies out there that will install anything if it will get them a sale. FAS Windows and doors absolutely refuse to install ANYTHING that does not meet or exceed regulations for an area.

FAS Windows and Doors is also proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is not something every window and door company can say they are part of. Companies that are not trustworthy or do not regularly fulfill their promises have no chance of being a member of the BBB. Make sure you check our profiles for Central Florida and West Florida.

Also make sure that any company you are considering for your home improvement job will put, in writing, a lien waiver from the installation crew. FAS Windows and Doors does not allow, for any reason, an installer to lien a home. When many small home improvement business are going under these days it is not uncommon to see this being skipped. What this means if that if a company does not pay the installer for their work, the installer can then put a lien on the home where he or she performed the service. When you choose FAS Windows and Doors the crew chief will sign the back of the contract prior to any service being performed waiving the right to lien your property. Your contract is with FAS only, no outside parties.

Also demand to see the certificate of liability insurance before you let anyone work on your home. FAS Windows and Doors carries a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance policy on Workers Compensation. Installation of windows and door has a risk of someone getting hurt on the job. Why would you ever hire a company willing to take that chance? This isn’t the only insurance we carry, we also have general liability. We make sure that as our customer, you are protected.

We believe that for these reasons, you will strongly consider FAS Windows & Doors in your search for windows, doors and coating. We hope that our reputation and history prove our validity as a top window and door distributor here in Central Florida. If you are ready for an estimate please call us at 888-422-1690.

Nicole 9/27/2011

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