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The Beauty and Benefits of French Doors

The “French door” style has a storied and iconic image. These double doors often offer more than beautifully paned glass-they offer a wide variety of aesthetic benefits.

French doors add value and class in many ways. Here are several features French doors can add to your home.


French doors are customizable. This makes them attractive to many people. They come individually or as a pair of doors, depending on the entryway you prefer. Double doors provide a wider entry and more space for windows.

They also come in a variety of materials. During the Renaissance period, French doors typically had a wood and iron structure. However, modern technology now makes them available in a variety of other materials such as aluminum or rigid PVC.

Also, French doors can slide, pivot, or swing on hinges. Sliding doors may be a desirable option for homeowners with limited space.

While traditional French doors add an element of charm, today’s contemporary forms are chic and sleek. From cabins and cottages to homes and apartments, find a style that suits the style of your home. Check out a few of our French Doors for examples & to see how they’d make a lovely addition to your home.

An Alternative to Windows

French doors are functional and practical, while providing many of the same benefits of windows. Is your hallway dark? Connect an adjoining room to your hallway with French doors to let in more light.

The panes of glass in French doors let more natural light into your home. This increases a sense of openness in your house, and can make your room feel bigger.

You may also consider adding these doors instead of just windows in certain areas of the house. In the case of a fire or another dangerous event, a French door offers an alternative route to safety. Just keep in mind that extra exits need added security against intruders and for children who might venture outside unattended.

With French doors, you also have many of the decorating options that accompany windows. Choose from a variety of glass styles, and decorate them with tied or loose drapes for an elegant touch. This keeps the hot sun out during the day, and also adds privacy.

Indoor and Outdoor

Another benefit of French doors is the ability to use them both indoors and outdoors. French doors make lovely pathways to gardens, patios, or a balcony. The glass also allows you to enjoy your outdoor scenery without even stepping outside. Furthermore, if you have a room walled in windows, a French door won’t disrupt the view as much as a traditional solid door.

Noise Reduction

Another advantage of French doors is noise reduction. If your main living space has dividing French doors, close off part of your room from the sounds of loved ones playing or practicing instruments on the other side.

Energy Savings

French doors are also energy efficient. If properly installed, they keep drafts out of your home and reduce your energy bill. The glass is also energy efficient by reducing the need for interior lights during the day.

A Touch of Beauty

French doors are a long-admired choice for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Their enduring style provides versatility to homeowners seeking something a little more elegant.

Many people worry about the security of old French doors. The good news is that modern French doors are updated and safe. And you can customize or add locks for extra security.

Simple or elaborate, French doors can cut energy costs. Plus, the romantic nature of French doors may also increase your home’s value. Whether your space is large or small, the practical refinement of these doors can boost the appearance and functionality of any home.

Alexandra 7/20/2015

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