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Tempered Glass Process and Benefits

How is Tempered Glass Made?

Why Should I Use Tempered Glass in My Windows?

Tempered glass is one of two types of safety glass consistently used in places where ordinary glass could present a possible threat. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than normal glass, and when it breaks, does not shatter into sharp shards. If the it fails, tempered glass shatters into small oval-shaped pebbles.

This does away with the risk of sharp edges pose in homes or commercial properties. Because it can eliminate certain dangers posed by sharp, broken glass pieces, tempered glass is often called safety glass. Tempered glass is applicable in all sorts of places beyond windows that need safety glass, such as automatic coffee maker carafes, oven windows, computer screens, skylights, and door windows.

What’s involved in the tempered glass process?

The process of thermal tempering begins with heating the (pre-cut) glass sheet up to 600°C, followed by rapid cooling. The inside part cools faster than the outside part of the glass. This leads to the temperature differences decreasing bit by until both parts reach room temperature. As a result of this treatment, lasting tensions are created within the glass: the inside is in traction and the surface is compressed. This tension causes the glass to absorb elastic energy.

When breakage occurs in tempered glass, that stored energy from the created tension is released. That energy causes glass (if/when it does break) to shatter in tiny, blunt pieces. This is a great benefit for homeowners or commercial properties because when regular glass breaks, the pieces are more apt to cause injury.

Tempered glass is a great option for high-traffic areas or areas where all dangers should be considered before installation

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Katie Pettit 9/25/2010

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