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Superspacers Supersede the Rest!

What makes the construction of Simonton windows so special? One of the superb options FAS Windows & Doors provides when purchasing Simonton windows is the option to select one of the Simonton product lines that includes various spacer systems which provide strength, durability, and energy efficiency.

FAS Windows & Doors is pleased to say that Simonton Windows recently introduced a top of the line, advanced window spacer, called the Supercept Spacer System. Simonton is no stranger to energy efficiency, and the Supercept Spacer System allows the window manufacturer to give their strongest guarantee of energy efficiency to date!

The construction of this spacer system is key. The Supercept system features stainless steel, a leading material for strength and an unlikely candidate for corrosion, making it the perfect material to use in a window spacer.

A too-stiff window spacer will not allow glass panes to fit together as well, and the integrity of the seal might be compromised. This can lead to faulty performance in energy efficiency. The u-shape of the Supercept ensures a bit of flexibility while ALSO continuing to keep its strong shape to maintain energy efficiency characteristics.

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Katie Pettit 11/3/2010

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