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Standard Windows vs Impact Windows for Florida Homes

When the time comes for you to window shop (literally), price is always going to be a factor – which is what leads some homeowners to choose standard windows instead of impact resistant windows for their homes.

While this could save money in the short term, come hurricane season it could be a costly mistake. That’s because impact windows, while still beautiful and similar to standard windows, are made to withstand high winds and the impact of flying objects – unlike standard windows. Although it is still possible to experience some damage, the result is likely to be less severe than if you had normal windows installed.

Though each brand offers different styles and options in their hurricane impact windows, all of them meet the strict standards required by the Miami-Dade Building Code. And with expert window installation provided by FAS, you can have some peace-of-mind that your home will be stronger than ever this storm season.

Other Benefits of Impact Windows

Storm protection isn’t the only benefit for impact resistant windows in Florida.

Impact windows can help offer a level of security and serenity that can’t be achieved with ordinary glass. They can help protect your home in a variety of different ways including:

  1. Reflecting harmful UV rays

  2. Reducing noise pollution

  3. Increasing the security of your home

To learn more about these other benefits, check out our other article: 3 Ways That Laminated Glass Protects Your Home

At FAS Windows & Doors, we proudly carry impact windows from some of the best manufacturers on the market. These windows are designed to protect you and your loved ones from break-ins and extreme weather by featuring state-of-the-art options such as vinyl frames, double-paned laminated glass, corrosion resistant hardware, and more.

With showrooms in Tampa and Orlando, you can browse full size samples before making a decision and get any questions you may have answered in person.

Call us at (877) 289-0825 to get your free quote. We serve various areas in Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, and more.

FASWD 1/30/2019

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