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Spring Home Improvement Ideas

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

With spring comes the ability to get outdoors and enjoy the sun. It is the ideal time for many homeowners to start working on home improvement projects. With the weather still cool but longer days, it is easier to get in those extra tasks to prepare your home for the summer months. What should you do during the spring months to get your home in its best shape? Here are some spring home improvement projects you probably should consider with your window company.

Clean Gutters for Spring Home Improvement

Gutters collect a lot of debris, including leaves and twigs, during the fall and winter months. Falling branches and even some nests for critters can develop in the gutters and downspouts. Since spring is also the wettest season for many areas, it may be essential to focus on getting your gutters clean and free flowing now.

You don’t need to do it on your own (and you should not do so if you are unable to use a proper ladder system). Hire a professional to do the work for you whenever possible as that is going to provide you with the best overall results – they can also make any repairs needed at that time.

Replace Drafty Windows

With the temperature warming up, it is also a great time for you to get in touch with your window company, FASWD, for replacements. Spring home improvement is an ideal time because many window installers are able to get projects underway faster now than they will during the summer months when the busy season gets underway.

You may want to update your windows to new, energy efficient models that can help to reduce energy loss during the hot summer months. Consider windows that add value to your home, too, such as adding in a bow or bay window. If your windows are more than 10 years old, chances are good you can see a boost to home value and efficiency with new windows.

Spring Home Improvement for Your Deck or Porch

If you hope to spend more time outdoors this year, put some time into updating your home’s porch or deck area as a spring home improvement idea. This may be a great time to rebuild a deck around a newly installed or updated pool, for example. If your deck is structurally sound but outdated, consider a new coat of paint or stain to give it a brand-new look. If safe to do so, you can also invest in power washing surfaces to ensure that all mildew and mold from the winter months are removed. If you see any green or dark color, cleaning the surface is a must to protect the wood.

If you have a cement porch, you also may need to power wash or otherwise remove the built-up grime and debris. You can also work to get rid of any type of cracks or damage to your cement. If there are areas where it is not level, work to fix that to reduce any type of tripping hazard.

Aside from repairs and updating the color and style, why not refresh the look of your backyard deck or porch. You can add new French doors to the back of the home that lead out into your backyard area. Consider new patio furniture and more entertainment space.

Tackle the Roof with Spring Home Improvement

Now is the perfect time for a roof inspection. Typically, this should be an annual spring home improvement step you take. An annual inspection from a licensed roof company ensures that your roof is in good condition. If there are problems, they can make recommendations for repair.

Have your roof professional look for any signs of hail damage, which your home insurance policy could cover. If they see areas of damage such as missing shingles, areas of flashing that are missing, or signs of structural damage, these need to be a priority for repair. Talk to a roofing technician about the options for repairing your roof when needed.

Update Your Front Door

To add a bit of interest and beauty to your home, consider an update to your home’s front entry with your door company, FASWD. If you have a basic door, consider an upgrade to one that incorporates glass and ornate features. You can also choose a new door that offers a bright, bold color to help your home stand out.

When should you replace your home’s front door? If you notice any gaps around the edges of the door, it may be allowing cooled or heated air out. If you notice any type of moisture build up between the panes or you have areas where there are cracks, it’s time to update your door. A change like this can be a fantastic way to boost your home’s value.

Other Spring Home Improvement Project Ideas

Spring home improvement can sometimes involve a long to-do list. Try to tackle important tasks like these first:

  1. Inspect and repair siding as it is needed

  2. Trim back tree branches that hang over your home

  3. Inspect your home’s foundation for leaks or cracks that have changed over the winter months

  4. Consider the addition of insulation to help keep temperatures more controlled

  5. Check the attic to ensure there are no openings that may allow pests in

  6. Be sure to check the basement for any areas of moisture or a musky smell that comes from mold growth

These are just some of the spring home improvement projects you may need to tackle. Each of these is critical to maintain when you want to ensure your home looks beautiful and can handle the warm season to come. Check out services from FASWD and contact us with your home improvement needs!


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