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Solar Guarding Your Home: Benefits of UV Glass

Energy Efficiency From Window Replacement

A warm climate makes many people call Florida home, but hot summer months usually equal higher air conditioning bills. In addition to a tightly sealed window frame, UV glass is a great way to keep your home cool and air conditioning costs low.

SmartSun glass from Andersen Windows is designed to keep the sun’s heat out without affecting the view. Three layers of silver combine to match performance with clarity, letting light in and keeping heat out.

UV Glass Protects Home Interior From Fading

Ultraviolet rays can fade carpets, draperies, and art work. High performance glass such as Low-E blocks 84% of the sun’s harmful rays. This is especially applicable if your house has rooms that let in large amounts of natural light, such as a sun room.

High Performance Glass Keeps Out Skin Damaging UV Rays

According to the Center for Disease Control, skin cancer is incredibly common but preventable. You know to apply sun screen when you go outdoors, but you can actually receive sun exposure when you are inside.

Laminated glass acts as a sunscreen for your windows. This remarkable high performance glass keeps out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while improving security and noise reduction.

Schedule a convenient, free in-home consultation to learn more about solar guarding your home or stop by our showroom in Orlando or Tampa to see why FAS Windows & Doors is Central Florida’s largest volume dealer of windows and doors.

Elizabeth Rissman 3/30/2012

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