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Simonton’s of the best!

The right choice for the ultimate coastal protection Simonton understands that residents of coastal areas want the best impact protection available against strong storms and high winds. That’s why Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are designed to be extremely strong. Plus, they’re constructed of premium vinyl to achieve excellent thermal efficiency. And most importantly they provide years of beauty with almost no maintenance.


Simonton StormBreaker Plus vinyl windows lead the way in proven impact performance. Their durability starts with double-strength glass that’s laminated so it is able to withstand high winds and flying debris without the need for plywood or shutters. Profiles made of remarkably sturdy premium vinyl are then reinforced with steel. The result is a line of impact-resistant windows so impressive they can even survive stringent building codes.


Simonton StormBreaker Plus vinyl windows are different. Their premium vinyl is inherently an excellent insulator. Unlike other materials, vinyl does not conduct energy easily. When combined with a double-strength, laminated insulating glass unit, Simonton’s vinyl windows are truly superior in helping a home retain cooled air, regardless of outside temperatures. In fact, StormBreaker Plus products are so thermally efficient, they can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines, even in harsh climates.


Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are available in a variety of styles. All products are available with an assortment of glass and grid options typically associated with traditional windows. Their attractive vinyl profiles are designed to complement virtually every architectural style, with classic lines and a rich appearance that reveal little of their formidable strength. And their beauty will not fade, even in harsh conditions. Premium vinyl will never pit, peel or flake, and best of all they require virtually no maintenance.

Nicole 10/11/2011

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