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Simonton Plus The AAMA Gold Label Certification Program

Another great thing about Simonton Windows & Doors is that the products received the Gold Certification of AAMA Gold Label Certification Program. The AAMA Certification Program is the only program in the window and door industry to require components used in the finished window and door assembly to also pass their own set of performance tests. So when you see the gold label, you can expect:


  1. A sample of the unit passed required performance tests for resistance to air leakage, water penetration and wind pressure

  2. Performance tests were conducted at an independent AAMA-accredited lab

  3. Individual components used in the window and door have passed their own separate performance tests in order to be eligible for use in an AAMA-certified window or door

  4. The manufacturer has certified that production line units are built to the same specifications as the sample unit that was tested

  5. Manufacturing plant production lines, component inventory, and quality control records are checked annually through two surprise inspections by an independent third-party Validator

Simonton’s Product Development Center is an ATI-certified lab, which stands for Air Techniques International. This lab site offers high efficiency filter testing in a DOE audited facility. Another fact to help you choose windows and doors for your home. Simonton is one of the great options FAS can provide for you. Whether you would be ready now or later, FAS provides excellent quality and service for you! Contact FAS to set up your in-home estimate.

Sophiep To 8/31/2010

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