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Selling Your Home? Exterior Improvements That Will Impress

You’re moving this year and want to improve your home’s chances of selling quickly. Interior renovations can help, but the first thing potential buyers will notice when they arrive at your house is its yard and exterior.

Want to spruce up your yard, increase your ROI, and impress real estate agents and potential buyers? Our tips can help you show off your home at its best.

Repaint Your Deck and Railings

You want your yard and deck to feel like a peaceful, clean space where great memories can be made. To create this effect, your deck and railings should be newly painted and polished since potential buyers can easily spot shabby, peeling paint.

Choose a color that matches the wood and the color of your home’s exterior. We recommend a highly durable, fade-block coating that will withstand Florida’s sun and storms. Your deck specialists can help you match shades and choose a paint that fits your budget and style.

Consider a Cement Coating

The walkway leading to your house can really make a statement-one that expresses sophistication, style, and glamour. But a cement coating isn’t just chic. It’s also safe. It creates a surface that is moisture repellant and safe for guests of all ages. Cement coating also helps preserve the pavement and prevent cracks.

Some homeowners love a bold, bright cement coating, one that catches the eye. Others like a more subtle, natural hue. Whatever your preference, pick out a shade that accents your home’s exterior colors and landscaping. You want your cement coating to create charm and blend with the overall aesthetic.

Do a Little Landscaping

You don’t need to completely re-landscape your yard. A few little tricks will do. First, make sure that there are no weeds in your flowerbeds and lawn. Keep your lawn well-trimmed while your home is being shown, and keep shrubs, bushes, and trees shapely and groomed. If you have kids or pets, make sure that toys stay off the lawn when potential buyers visit.

Don’t fall into the trap of extensive, expensive landscaping right before selling. Many potential home buyers are turned off by landscaping they dislike, knowing that it will cost quite a bit to have it removed and redone. These homeowners respond well to potted plants and flowers that give the home a vibrant, beautiful touch. Choose a few pots and plants that accent your home.

Spruce up Windows

When you show your home, your exterior windows should be clean and reflect light. The dry season is a great time to get your windows cleaned, when it rains a little less frequently and storms are unlikely to dirty the glass. Clean windows will show off your home at its best.

To increase your ROI, you might consider replacing your windows. You can choose windows that are hurricane-resistant, water-repellant, and shatter-proof. These windows can increase your home’s worth, intrigue potential home buyers, and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Repaint Your Front Door

Want your home to really stand out to potential buyers? A dynamic or elegant shade of fresh paint on your front door can be an excellent accent to your home’s exterior.

Keep in mind that some potential home buyers dislike anything too outlandish or unique. Try to choose a color that emphasizes your home’s exterior décor and looks stylish and attractive. Lime green might be the right shade for your personality, but not everyone is as crazy about the color as you are. Ask your door specialists about colors that are in style in your area.

Improve Lighting

Interestingly, interior lighting often convinces potential buyers to take the leap and purchase a home. Exterior lighting can have a similar effect. It’s a simple improvement-just ensure that all of the lights on your porch are a high wattage and that none of your lights are burned out. The light from your porch will make your home look cozy and inviting.

You might also consider placing a few extra lights on your porch in lanterns or installing a lighted system along your sidewalk.

Wash (or Paint) the Exterior

Lastly, make certain that the exterior of your home looks clean and relatively new. All of the other improvements you’ve made will go unnoticed if your brick, stucco, or siding is stained and dirty. Give your home a thorough wash before you show it.

You might also consider giving your home a new coat of paint. Discuss shades, methods, types, and styles with your home improvement specialists.

As you prepare your home for viewing, you’ll be surprised by how profound a first impression it can make when its yard and exterior are in great condition. Start today to improve the appearance of your home and you’ll have a “Sold” sign in the front yard in no time. For more tips, check out the rest of our blog.

Alexandra 12/22/2015

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