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Safe with FAS Windows & Doors

Are you purchasing products from a safe window and door company like FAS Windows & Doors? All of the products FAS Windows & Doors sells to customers truly are factory-direct, and therefore, the consumer is protected—more so than with any other company!

FAS Windows & Doors is proud to say that we purchase all window products directly from the manufacturers, known as “factory direct”, unlike most other companies that claim to make their purchases directly from a factory,but in reality, make their purchases from a supply warehouse. The supply warehousesare the ones who purchased from the manufacturer. With all of these extra steps involved, conflict between the consumer, the supply warehouse, the manufacturer, the contractor and the installer can easy occur.

Factory direct purchasing, the kind of purchasing FAS Windows & Doors chooses to participate in, is the safest way to shop for replacement windows and doors.

Not only doesFAS Windows & Doors have true factory-direct pricing and products, but we’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Check us out here – that way, you know you’re safe in our hands!

While you’re at it, check out these fantastic window brands that FAS distributes:


To get more information about any of these fantastic window products, or to learn more about FAS Windows & Doors, click here!

Katie Pettit 10/28/2010

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