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Replacement Windows: Laminated Glass Increases Home Security

fortifying your windows with laminated security glass.

Replacement Window Laminated Glass Keeps Intruders Out

An upgrade from the FAS Windows & Doors dual pane standard, the interior window pane of security glass is laminated so broken glass fragments remain in the frame. Non-laminated glass shatters instantly upon impact with a hammer, crowbar, or baseball bat. High performance laminated glass such as Low-E keeps its original shape, even upon multiple, powerful hits with a blunt object.

By the time a potential home intruder can make any progress, their window breaking attempts have alerted neighbors and law enforcement. This causes the criminal to flee the scene as to not be apprehended, leaving your home interior and loved ones untouched.

Additional benefits of investing in high performance laminated windows include noise reduction and energy savings.

Want to learn more ways replacement windows enhance home security? Call to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation or visit our Orlando showroom to see all of FAS Windows & Door’s security glass options.

Elizabeth Rissman 3/24/2012

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