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Replacement Windows

I have said that installing new windows will improve the appearance of your home. The only reason I am repeating it now is because it’s true. If you are in an older home with its original windows they may be single pane, leak air, potentially not keep pests out, and send all your cool air outside. If they are doing all these things, they probably do not look too great either. If you are in this situation it is about time to start thinking about getting some replacement windows put in.

Some people may be afraid that after going through the process of installing new windows, their home will not at all look the same, and all the hard work they have put into making their house so dynamic will have gone to waste. This is not the case at all. Window manufacturers know that people put a lot of energy and love into making their house a home. They offer many options like double-hung windows with inserts, a variety of colors, glass options and grid patterns that make the window as unique as the home they are in. This gives the homeowner the ability to take full advantage of the energy efficiency of new, modern windows while at the same time, keeping the style they want. Double-hung windows are also extra easy to clean since both panes of the window lean in.

Double-hung windows are made to be installed within the opening of an existing window. This opening is the space after all the “works” of the window have been removed. The “works” are things such as previous sash, counterweight balance system and parting stop. All decorative elements of the window, interior and exterior, remain untouched. Double hung replacement windows are available in a range of sizes. In addition to standard window sizes, there are custom options available, often in 1/8 inch increments. This is critical for homeowners who have unique or older homes, where window sizing is sometimes a different than the ‘standard’ size.

Nicole 10/25/2011

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