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Replace Windows and Doors for Energy Efficiency

It’s official: We are in the middle of another scorching Florida summer. Soaring temperatures cause many home owners to crank up their air conditioning units, which can lead to costly energy bills. Reduce your energy consumption by investing in replacement windows and doors.

Replace windows and doors, lower your air conditioning costs

One way to tame high air conditioning costs is replacing your old windows with energy efficient, custom windows. Older windows and doors can deteriorate at the frame causing air leaks. Cool air generated from your air conditioning escapes through these gaps in the frame, no matter how high you turn your air conditioning.

FAS Windows & Doors has a wide range of aluminum, vinyl, wood, and wood-clad replacement windows to keep your home cool through proper installation, solar guarding, and leak prevention.

To learn more about ways to increase your energy efficiency, visit our showrooms in either Orlando or Tampa, or schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation today.

Elizabeth Rissman 7/25/2012

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