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Raise your hands for lifetime warranties!

Simonton StormBreaker® has lifetime limited warranty. What is included in this warranty you might wonder? It includes the vinyl components, hardware, screens and glass. However the glass is a little difference. You can see the coverage in the table below:

Simonton StormBreaker® and Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows and Doors100%75%50%0-20 Years21-50 Years51 Years – Lifetime

The vinyl components and screens are protected if it peels, flakes, blisters or corrodes a product. Hardware covers mechanisms, fasteners, rollers, balances, etc. Those are just a glimpse of the warranty. For more details, click here. If you own other Simonton windows or want to own other types of windows, you can click on each link of this linked page for more warranties.

If you would like to go with Simonton for your next window replacement, contact FAS for your free in-home estimate.

Sophiep To 2/16/2010

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