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Pulling Permits

A permit must be pulled, it’s the law.

That’s the bottom line. There are companies out there that do not pull permits because it can be an annoyance, but don’t let anyone try to do any work in your home without doing so. Permits are required by municipalities to ensure the products you choose will meet all state requirements on wind ratings and installation requirements. Yes, there are specific guidelines on how windows and doors are to be installed in the state of Florida. This process is guided by the manufacturer specifications.

The permitting process guarantees that the work FAS Windows & Doors performs will be double checked by the county and meets the strict Florida Building Codes. Pulling a permit also protects you from a product being installed in your home that does not meet code.

By not pulling a permit you will have no protection and run the risk of having to replace the windows and doors at your own expense.

Brett Roth 11/20/2009

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