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Protect Your Home Against the Unexpected with Impact Resistant Windows

Originally developed to help protect homes from the severe weather we experience in Florida, impact resistant windows and doors have also gained popularity for another reason…

Adding a layer of security for your home against intruders.

That was the exact outcome for Dania Beach, FL homeowners who were thankful for that added protection a few years ago.

The surveillance video from their home caught two would-be thieves attempting to break into their home on Christmas night after ringing the doorbell to determine that no one was home. They fired nine shots into their sliding glass door before giving up.

The homeowner thankfully wasn’t home at the time, but neighbors did not even hear the rounds being fired due to the thief covering the firearm with a towel.

The high impact glass was enough to thwart the burglars, who ended up leaving empty-handed after shooting and kicking the door.

Why You Should Choose Impact Resistant Glass for Your Home

Crowbars or laymen’s tools cannot compromise the heavy-duty frames and glass of impact resistant windows. In fact, fire fighters require special training using chainsaws and carbide-tip power saws to break through impact-resistant glass windows. This truly makes impact resistant windows a powerful deterrent for intruders looking for an easy entry into your home.

In addition to protecting your home against theft, these windows, as mentioned before, as excellent for protecting your home during hurricanes and other severe weather. As Florida natives know, it’s not always the wind that causes damage to your property, it’s the flying debris.

The same impact performance allows for windows to withstand impact from debris without blowing out the entire window and affecting the rest of your home.<

Tampa Hurricane Impact Windows

FAS Windows & Doors offers some of the safest, most reliable yet aesthetically beautiful ‘weather safe’ hurricane windows and doors, building code rated for the Southeast’s storm-prone weather. These impact windows, while still beautiful and similar to standard windows, are made to withstand high winds and the impact of flying objects (or objects that could be used by intruders). Although it is still possible for the windows to experience some damage, the result is likely to be less severe than if you had normal windows installed.

If you live in Tampa or the surrounding areas, such improvements to your house can even improve its resale value, as hurricane protection can be a heavy consideration for new homebuyers.

Here are some of the hurricane impact windows carried by FAS Windows & Doors:

Andersen Coastal Windows with Stormwatch Protection

Eagle HaborMaster Systems

Simonton StormBreaker Plus

PGT WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows

For more information regarding impact glass options, or for a window brand comparison, contact an FAS Windows & Doors expert by calling (877) 289-0825 or visit us at our Tampa showroom to see full-size samples of the different product lines we carry.

FASWD 4/25/2018

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