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Professional vs DIY Replacement Window Installation

window replacement.

Window installation can be deceptively complex and if not installed correctly; even the highest rated windows can be rendered useless. In addition, damaging the area around the window during the process could lead to even more costs for repair.

Here are some reasons only professionals should replace windows:

1. Accurate Measurements

When it comes to window replacement, precision is key. One small error in measuring the frame, insulation, clearance or window opening could ruin the project. A window installation specialist will know exactly how to account for the direct angles and frame spacing.

2. Expertise

When you choose a window installation company that is trusted in the community, you’re getting the combined experience of that team of skilled technicians. These professionals can spot potential problems and find a solution before a larger issue can develop.

These experts can also give you advice on different styles, materials, and energy efficiency advantages – so you find the product that matches your needs and budget.

3. Timeliness

Tackling a window replacement project on your own could take weeks to complete depending on how many windows you’re replacing. Window professionals can pull out an old window and install the new one in about 30 minutes. With a team working on your home, a project of 10 windows could take as little as a couple days.

4. Certified & Insured

Professional installers go through specific training courses for the products they install – ensuring they have the proper knowledge and skill.

These technicians are also insured and the work is covered under warranty.

5. Tools

Along with having the expertise required, professionals also have all of the proper tools needed for the job. No need to rent or purchase tools – adding expense to your project.

If you’re looking for professionals to help with replacement windows in Tampa, FL, call FAS Windows & Doors at (877) 289-0825 or visit our Tampa showroom.

Professional vs DIY Replacement Window Installation

FASWD 5/24/2018

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