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PGT Wins Crystal Achievement Award

PGT recently received the 2010 Crystal Achievement Award! Window & Door’s Crystal Achievement Award in 2010 for Most Innovative Door was awarded to PGT Industries for their WinGuard SGD 770 and PGT Aluminum SGD 670 sliding glass doors. The new door designs are not only a success among industry experts, but among customers as well. PGT Industries prides itself on setting its products apart from other manufacturers. This award clearly shows that they have done so!

Winners of the award are determined by a panel of judges. These judges represent all of the various parts of the world of windows and doors. The awards given identify new technological, manufacturing, and marketing innovations and achievements in the window and door industry. John Swanson, the editor of Window & Door, reinforced the judges’ recognition of the SDG 670/770 series when he stated that the “panelists were no doubt impressed by the door’s ability to meet a wide range of design needs, and provide installers with a great deal of flexibility.”

The doors range from one panel up to eight panels as pocket, corner, or by-pass doors. They are available in monolithic glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, or laminated insulating glass. The available sizes range from 6’8” to 10’ tall. All in all, these newly designed doors come in a wide variety of customizable products, giving homeowners flexibility in their retrofit or new construction designs.These beautifully designed and manufactured doors give homeowners something to be thankful for. Here at FAS Windows & Doors, we truly are grateful to supply fantastic products from the great company, PGT Industries.

FAS Windows & Doors is truly thankful for the amazing customers we have served and the great people that we have assisted at the many events we’ve attended. The consumer base we have built truly makes the job we do easier. We are thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie Pettit 11/25/2010

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