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PGT WinGuard Vinyl: Hurricane Impact Protection for Your Home

For over 25 years, PGT has been a pioneer in custom vinyl products and sells more residential impact-resistant windows and doors than anyone else in the business. Learn how PGT WinGuard products safeguard your home against hurricanes.

PGT WinGuard stands up to the elements

PGT WinGuard products meet strict code requirements for hurricane windows. Like security windows, PGT WinGuard glass stays intact after impact. Even after WinGuard products have been hit by a airborne projectile, such as a tree branch, glass may break but will still remain in the frame, reducing the likelihood of injury or harm to the interior of the home. In fact, WinGuard windows and doors can withstand repeated hits from a nine pound beam hurled at 34 miles per hour.

Compared to other building materials, vinyl is unmatched in its operational performance and durability. PGT multi-chambered vinyl products are guaranteed to stand up to extreme weather conditions and will not rot, rust, crack, or peel.

When you invest in PGT windows and doors, you can look forward to a lifetime of beauty and low-maintenance. Visit our Tampa or Orlando showrooms to get a first-hand look, or schedule an in-home consultation with one of our trusted industry professionals.

Elizabeth Rissman 6/7/2012

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